There are two types of Marketers.

In the world of Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care, we see two types of Marketers.

There are Amateurs:

    • They fear cold calling.
    • They have call reluctance.
    • They wonder what to say and what frequency to visit an account.
    • They do not know who to call on.
    • When they go out in the field, they make 100s of “visits” but don’t get referrals.
    • They are unsure how to follow up.
    • They are unaware of how to not be a pest.
    • They rely on “hope” and rely on the idea that enough activity will get them “some” referrals.
    • Their referrals are not consistent. They can’t count on their pipeline to give them monthly results.
    • They always struggle.

Then there are Professionals:

    • These are the marketers who are the top producers.
    • They consistently get rewarded for their performance.
    • They have the confidence that others lack.
    • They love their jobs.
    • They are good at them.
    • They make investments into their marketing skillsets.
    • They understand they are a student of the “game.”  Like any sports athlete, they know they must study and scrimmage.
    • They don’t let their ego get in the way of their learning and personal growth.  Because they prioritize referral results over everything else, these people win over and over.

Amateur or Professional: Which one would you classify yourself or your sales team members?

An honest evaluation will help you understand where your sales efforts are currently and where they are going.

Consider these simple seven questions:

    1. Are you currently hitting your sales goals or at least making your minimums?
    2. How many new accounts did you visit in the last 30 days?
    3. What are the top three types of accounts you are most likely to get referrals from?
    4. Consider the last 3-5 referrals you received. Did those come from the same referral source? If not, how long has it been since you received a referral from that same referral source?
    5. Still considering the last 3-5 referrals, Do you have a follow-up protocol? Is it similar for each one?
    6. Would you say that your referral sources see you as an “extension” of their office? Do they look at you like a partner or a vendor?
    7. Besides this article, when was the last time you researched, studied, or trained to become a better salesperson?

After answering these questions, you should have some idea of where you may fit on the scale of Amateur to Professional. The key here is more than maintaining a few good relationships. Everything hinges on your ability to consistently evolve with a market that is going to change.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the industry absolutely will change. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but before you know it, you will need new methods and techniques to continue to stay on top. We have to evolve to make sure our success story doesn’t end during times of change but continues to thrive.

You may have noticed a subject that we never covered. Your tenure (how long you’ve been with your company). You see, being an amateur or a professional has NOTHING to do with the number of years you have been in the field.

It’s all about your ability to deliver a result.


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