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This week on coaching calls for office hours and their sales management program a rep asked me “what am I supposed to do, because my agency doesn’t take all the insurances that the referral source would like?”


Well, I would wish that the agencies that we work with all of them take all the insurances in the entire world.

Many of you can’t get on formulary many of you can’t get on panels.

We appreciate some panels are shut down, so there’s going to be areas where you just can’t get on that insurance.

Now I’m sure your leadership is trying their hardest to get on those panels and continue to try.

Here’s what a mentor told me once and I told this particular rep just this week.

You’ve got to sell what’s in the bag What did he mean by that, he said to me Mel you got to sell what’s in the bag, yes, you wish that you had X Y & Z you wish that you had this feature or this level of customer service or this insurance.

But you don’t.

You have this series of products and services.

And while you can bring it up to leadership and say I wish we had Humana I wish we had Blue Cross Blue Shield.

You can’t dwell on it, because it’s only going to bring you down and you gotta sell what you have. You’re going to position what you’re able to take.

I appreciate it might be a little bit harder. that’s where dogged and persistence pays off.

You know what we find in our sales management program and the high performance sales academy is that most referrals, if referral source is going to refer to you with our system they tend to refer to you in that

five to eight visit range, meaning you’ve seen that referral source five to eight times face to face in person, and this rep has not achieved that yet, and she was really down on herself.

And I said to her listen you haven’t even been there, four times in person face to face.

So while you’re saying you wish, you took all these insurances that may be part of the challenge I appreciate that.

You also haven’t put in the work yet, not fully, she’s showing up every day and she’s doing what we asked her to do in the system.

But at four times you know, yes, maybe once in a while you’ll get a referral early in the process, they don’t even know if you’re going to stick around yet they’ve had so many reps come and go, and come and go.

Stick in there.

Be doggedly persistent.

It may be about the insurances and your leadership’s working on it.

But it may just be about you, showing up and sharing the message that you have what you’ve got in your bag, to sell in order to care for more seniors.

So hang in there, tell your team persistence wins. It’s the key to the success. You got this and we can help.

If you’re looking for a system where you get referrals and that five to eight visit range, please jump on a call with Mike.

He does discovery calls with you, and you can make an appointment email him and get on his calendar, see what we’ve got maybe we can help you too, I hope you have a great day, keep serving seniors and I’ll see you on the next series.


We have had several agencies joining the Sales Coaching & Management in the last month and we are loving seeing reps evolving into superstars. If you are ready to have us take over your sales management, simply reach out to Mike via email, or with the link below you can set up a meeting.


Thank you for all that you do to serve seniors!

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