Are you ready to ignite your revenue and step up your home care game?

You’ve probably realized that BIG success hinges on your ability to attract and retain high-performing sales representatives for your agency. They are the bridge between your agency and the crucial referral sources you need to thrive.

But hiring the right sales rep is no small feat. It’s more than just finding someone who “is a people person .”It’s about finding someone who walks the walk, has the skills, and understands the nuanced world of home care, home health, and hospice.

As someone in this industry for over two decades, your sales team is one of the keys to success. They are the lifeblood of your agency, helping you serve more seniors and making a significant impact in their lives. Let’s dive into the art of hiring a home care sales rep and why it’s crucial to achieve your agency’s #ReferralGoals.

The Million-Dollar Question: Why Do You Need a Sales Rep?

I know many of you have tried to hire a sales rep – struggled to find them, and then struggled to get them at full production. I can relate. I, too, have struggled to find the “right rep,” – but once found, the thing I know to be true is that we can increase the production of reps when they follow a proven process and formula.

Your agency’s success is deeply intertwined with the ability to build strong referral relationships. That’s where a top-tier sales representative comes in. But do you need one? Consider this: when you have a skilled sales rep on your team who understands the post-acute care landscape, you become the go-to resource for seniors and their families.

In the past, you may have found home care, home health, or hospice sales daunting. It takes courage, tenacity, and a willingness to push through rejection. But remember, “courage trumps comfort,” as Brene Brown so wisely says! Having the courage to share your message using proven systems, tools, and templates makes it easier! It’s about persistence to keep going, even when today doesn’t result in a referral. #YourMISSIONisBIGGERthanThierNo.

Hiring the Right Rep: A Strategic Endeavor

So, how do you find the perfect match? The first step is defining your expectations. What qualities should your sales rep possess? You want someone who can be a true care partner with your referral sources. This goes beyond the traditional “sales pitch” and into the realm of post-acute care experts.

Consider these essential questions to ask yourself when considering a sales rep:

  • Is this sales rep a post-acute care resource knowledgeable about your service line and other post-acute care providers?
  • Does this rep know how to position the top 5 diagnoses you serve for specific account types?
  • Do you have a concrete action plan to ensure your team is fully productive?
  • Have you outlined your high-value referral targets?
  • Is there a framework for sales meetings and coaching that focuses on results?

The Playbook to Success

Hiring the right sales rep is only the beginning. It’s all about crafting your management playbook for success. That’s where our upcoming event, “The Home Care Sales Event,” comes into play. It’s not just about “activity”; it’s about productivity. You’ll design a strategy that aligns with your agency’s strengths and values. This sales management playbook is your roadmap to transform your struggles into success and navigate the referral landscape with finesse.

Say goodbye to the revenue rollercoaster. Armed with your playbook, you’ll be ready to guide your team to grow referrals, recruit effectively, and confidently retain high-value referrals. No more costly lunches with no-shows – you’ll be well-prepared to make every interaction count.

Join Us and Ignite Your Revenue

If you’re ready to take your agency to the next level, “The Home Care Sales Event” is the place to be. We’re here to help you create a pathway to revenue reinvention. The time for transformation is now, and we’re excited to have you in the workshop. Let’s work together to amplify the impact you make in the lives of seniors and their families.

In the world of home care, we all need each other. We’re here to help you achieve your purpose: being paid for the care only you can provide and becoming the trusted resource for senior care in your community.

Remember to trust the process and stay in the flow as we embark on this journey. Connect with your fellow owners, administrators, and managers. Valuable connections happen during these sessions.

We can’t wait to see you at “The Home Care Sales Event.” It’s time to take a deep dive into the world of field marketing & sales management, and we’re excited to see you there!

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Together, we GROW!
Melanie Stover

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