I was just with a bunch of owners and one of them said to me…

“AGHHH- The Dr didn’t show up to my rep’s lunch and it Cost me $300.”



Accessing referral sources can feel like a Herculean task. And even when you manage to get in, making your message heard is a whole different challenge. 

Have you been in this position? 


Hosting an expensive lunch where the Doctor didn’t even show up? It’s a frustrating scenario, to say the LEAST! But fear not. There are proven strategies to overcome these hurdles! And you can help your rep get behind the desk BEFORE they agree to a lunch!

EVERYONE would be better served IF you had a patient/client in common to discuss! 


Top 3 Pro Tips – (IF the account is “WORTHY” of a lunch – that is another blog for another day on what it takes for me to say YES to a lunch!) 

    1.  IF you are going to do a lunch – Ask if the decision maker (may not be the Doctor) will be there on that day
    2. Ask what is the normal protocol – i.e. does the decision maker spend time at the “lunch” – do they come in and grab a plate and eat it at their desk? Can you go to their desk and have a discussion?
    3. Identify if you have a patient or client in common or one that might be appropriate for your line of service (Home Care, Home Health, Hospice)


Whew, it’s TOUGH out there! 

It’s time to have a tactical plan for your team (Even IF that “team” is YOU!)


You have all the pieces you need. Just like my son’s legos ALL over the floor- NOW is the RIGHT time to put them in the RIGHT ORDER! 

You need a “playbook” that will help your rep overcome challenges like access WITHOUT lunches by using resources you already have to make an impact!

After all, how will you share your message if you can’t get to see them?

Gatekeepers are “doing their job” by guarding their “staff and bosses’ time,” and they have learned that MOST sales reps don’t bring anything of “value” and “waste time.” You MUST be different! You MUST show value! 

You get access and referrals when you are a TRUE care partner with your referral sources!  

When your reps gain the knowledge to be Post Acute Care Experts for your territory, they are seen as a peer and welcomed into their referral sources.  


Ask yourself the following questions:

    1.  Is my sales rep a post-acute resource? (do they know your service line and the other post-acute care providers?)
    2. Does my rep know how to position the top 10 dx we serve for specific account types?
    3. Do I have an action plan to help my team be fully productive?
    4. Do I have a written plan to focus on high-value referrals?
    5. Do I have a framework for our sales meetings and coaching focusing on results?

Crafting Your Playbook

HCS is hosting a virtual event – One of the key takeaways from this event is the creation of your personalized sales and marketing management playbook. It’s not just about “activity” – it’s about productivity! Designing a strategy that aligns with your agency’s strengths and values.

Results, Not Rollercoasters


Say goodbye to the revenue rollercoaster. With your playbook in hand, you’ll be equipped to help your team grow referrals, recruit effectively, and confidently retain. No more costly lunches with no-shows – you’ll be well-prepared to make every interaction count.


Join us at The Home Care Sales Event to transform your struggles into success and navigate the referral landscape with finesse.


Let’s create a playbook together for your agency!  


Click the link below to register today! 




P.S. This IS your TIME! 

P.S.S. Let’s take MINDSHARE of your referral sources! So that you get the call first!