This week on our owners Caring Agency Mastermind (CAM) call, we were discussing Medical Directors.

I know many of you have Medical Directors, and we always talk about the value. Making sure the agency utilizes them to the best of their abilities, and they are paid fairly.

The conversation was around “what does a Medical Director do for your agency?”


Is it worth it?

How do you pay them?

Does the agency and care staff gain needed expert advice and direction?


There are many points of discussion, and one of my favorite things about our CAM FAM is that the owners who share their experiences so that this owner who had not had a Medical Director before for her private agency could navigate and avoid the pitfalls that the other owners had experienced along the way. The hard lessons learned. So that she could prevent costly mistakes, at the end of her time on the CAM session, she walked away with a plan. And we opened our Rolodex to her of professionals who could give her more guidance specific to her state.

One of the other owners reported that this was precisely why he joined the Caring Agency Mastermind. All the resources and connections allow him to ask questions and get instant access to experts who can guide you in the right direction!

I am so grateful for all our members who trust us to help them solve challenges and move faster towards their goals! Coming away from the session with incredible gains!

One connection, resource or opportunity, or person you meet can make it all worth it!


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The possibilities are endless… maybe you’re looking to get back on track after the past year because it caused you to have to pivot…..

Maybe you’ve been looking for a space to recalibrate, realign or restore after growing like crazy over the past year…. Or maybe your just looking to grow in a supportive inspiration and collaborative environment

We invite you to be part of the CAM FAM.

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