I am sure many of us would like to know what our referral sources are thinking sometimes. I certainly would! Unlocking their thoughts and reasoning would surely lead to more referrals.

Even without being a mind-reader, we can make some important observations if we ask the right questions. I don’t just mean the Identify/Qualify step of our High Performance Sales Academy. I am talking about long term relationship building.

If you want more referrals, then you have to make sure that you are answering these 6 questions in a way that not only inspires confidence, but that leads them to feeling good about their decision to refer.

As you prepare for your sales calls, (and during your prospecting weekly visits) try to find a way to answer as many of these 6 often unasked questions for your referral sources. Help lead them to the confidence they need to become a loyal referral source for your agency.

Does the salesperson have my best interest in mind?

Consider how they feel about your relationship. Is it one-sided? Do you come in asking for referrals and not bringing anything relevant info, education, or (at the very least) fun, educational giveaways? Would YOU refer to yourself if the roles were reversed?

What will this service mean to me?

The only way a referral source will gain an understanding of the powerful benefits of your services is if you educate them. Much like the previous question, people are looking for a reason to provide you with referrals. If they don’t feel that you offer much benefit, they will not be as inclined to refer.

Is it worth switching providers? Or What will I have to give up or what will I be gaining by switching providers?

For many referral sources, all of your competitors look the same as you. They bring in goodies, hang out (sometimes too long) and occasionally take care of patients. The old saying “Devil you Know” comes to mind, as the consistency of a previous provider may keep them from referring to you. How will it be different if they refer to you instead?

What will other people think or say about me switching to this company? What reason will I tell them that is the reason for making the switch?

Like the above question, this really is about having a good reason to change providers. Many referral sources get it a groove with an agency even if they don’t like them. They know what to expect. How are you making them know that the grass IS ACTUALLY greener?

Should I really switch to this company now? Timing?

Timing (as the old adage says) is everything. When you want them to start using your company, why should they switch today? I mean they could switch companies a thousand times and try out everyone. You need a tiny spark to set off a chain reaction of referrals. One of the biggest mistakes referral sources make is that they have no spark to light any fire. 12 Weeks later and you are still not receiving referrals.

How am I going to tell the other rep about the switch?

When a relationship is good or long standing, you get to rely on a person. Your referral sources and the companies they work with are the same way. If they start referring to you, then they will have to stop referring to someone else or at least refer less. They will be asking themselves if it’s worth it.



Winning referrals sooner, depends on answering all 6 of these questions! If your sales representatives aren?t bringing in referrals or you currently don?t have a sales representative because you feel like you can?t manage or train them appropriately, don?t worry! We can do that for you with our amazing low-cost products! Ready to grow! Check out our website at homecaresales.com or email Jason@homecaresales.com to get a custom quote of creating a winning sales team!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales