If you want more referrals, this is for you!

You know the more frequently you work with your referral sources the more you will get referrals.  But the problem is they don’t want to see you every week.  How can you share what you do well and help them while helping their patients?

You may have tried other sales products in the past that didn’t work to get referrals in the door. It’s not your fault they didn’t work. It is the product’s fault that it let you down. That is why we bring you this new opportunity. We have done all the work for you. There is nothing out there that has even come close!

And to make sure the product works, we coach your team each month and role play through the next 4 weeks of sales calls to make sure your organization receives the most referrals from their accounts each week! Sales representatives love this product because it elevates them in the sales world. It brings their selling skills to a level where they can communicate about the benefits a client/patient receives when they work with your agency.

Previous clients, including our own co-owner, Cheryl Peltekis, “The Solutionist,” took accounts that gave them 2 referrals a week and tripled the number of patients who were referred to them by using this program. You can, too! Remember, you are only one account away from your dreams!

12 Monthly Themes that enable you to add value to every discussion

These reference guides are created by researching the top diagnoses that are being billed from physicians today. We cover topics such as CHF, COPD, Low Vision, and Stroke, to name a few.

Each topic comes with a quick reference guide that will add advanced clinical expertise to your sales calls. Your quick reference guides contain the following information:

  • Diagnosis or process overview
  • Key services provided by each of our disciplines
  • Benefits of receiving the services at home
  • Trigger questions to help encourage patients
  • Common sales objections to the trigger questions
  • Statistics on patient types

We then role play with your sales representative and create their own sales script for your sales representative to be able to communicate with referral sources easily about these most used diagnoses.

The guides work for all service lines—whether you provide in-home care, home health, or hospice services. The 52 Week Roadmap to Referrals Deluxe Program is designed to provide solid direction for each week and the coaching support that ensures your team knows “HOW” to use the system effectively. Even a novice lacking clinical knowledge can become an authority every week.


Get started on your road to more referrals today for just $500 a month or a pay in full discount

12 Monthly Health Observance Fliers creating partner opportunities

Make your account see you as a person who wants to educate their residents and patients. Bring the monthly health observance flyers to your doctor’s office and suggest that they copy them (or provide them with multiple copies) or hang them up inside the physician exam rooms so patients can read it while they are waiting for the doctor.

You could also place them at the counter for patients to take one after they sign in! This gives you a reason to see your account at least once every month and you get to make them look great by providing them with something to share with their patient/residents! These are Done for YOU! Once you purchase your deluxe product, we will email you to get your logo, and each month we send you an invite to the coaching call, and provide you with a drop box with your branded logo ready for print! No joke! Done for you!


12 Customized Unique Selling Points Referral Source handouts with your logo and contact info

For each quick reference guide, we also provide a done-for-you handout and coach your sales representative(s) on how to use this USP handout to maximize their referral potential during our monthly coaching calls.

Monthly Group Coaching. Role play how to best use the monthly themes to get referrals

They last about an hour, and we use amazing video conferencing technology, which allows us to break the reps up into small groups while Melanie and Cheryl pop in and out of the rooms to do role-playing that allows each rep a chance to develop their message and improve their skills! This is where the real magic occurs. The beautiful part that clients have reported back to us, is that once your rep has tuned up their sales message, and uses the same one all week, that they improve their confidence and improve their skill!

So many owners have shared with us how this product has made their company finally be received by accounts as a high-quality agency. When you can upgrade your status as a result of a product, you know you have found the right key to open the referral gateway! If for some reason, you or your representative can’t attend the call, no worries, we email the recording to each of our members!

Automated System to keep you on track

This means your sales rep can look on their cell phone calendar and see at a glance all the trigger questions and the most common objections they could face when doing this sales call! And you didn’t have to lift a finger. We automate the delivery on our end, and you just reap the benefits. With structure comes freedom, and you’re only one account away from your dream coming true.

“This is the one product that I couldn’t live without,”said Tammy Cleveland, RN and owner of Preferred Providers. Home Care Sales agrees, this is a game changer! Your top competitors won’t know what hit them.

Get more referrals with The 52 Week Roadmap to Referrals