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How do you get into assisted livings during this time?

Well whether it’s COVID or not, one of the
things that we recognize is that assisted livings are really struggling with cognition and their residents.

So one of the things that you can offer, whether you are a Medicare-certified home health or an in-home care provider is to talk about cognitive stimulation and cognitive therapy.

What we learned during the time of COVID in the pandemic is that many of the assisted livings have isolated or did isolate their residents in their apartments.

And we saw that many of those residents had a decline in their cognitive status.

What we didn’t see is a lot of agencies talking about that.

So for the agencies that we worked with, we went on a big campaign about cognitive therapy for medicare certified home health and cognitive
stimulation for in-home care.

And it worked.

It worked like gangbusters!

We know… and, as you guys know I’m an OT
what I wanted to share with you is as an OT,

I can perform cognitive therapy.

Also, speech therapy has a cognitive therapy component to so check with your clinicians first.

Understand who is comfortable performing cognitive therapy with residents and then go to your assisted livings and talk about that.

Talk about what your OT can do for those residents.

Same with your caregivers.

All of your caregivers have been trained in in-home care on how to engage a client and how to stimulate cognition through playing games or reading the newspaper etc…

Get them engaged in some type of cognitive activity.

This is one of your keys to your success because there’s not a lot of agencies talking about it, and we know when you engage those residents their function becomes better both mental and physical.

We know they go hand in hand.

So as a sales REP or marketer for your agency do your homework first.

Look internally.

Make sure you have the skill set internally before you go out and market it, but this could be a great unique competitive differentiator for you.

As you go through that process with your assisted livings and really deepen those relationships it’s going to be a win for you, for them,
and the residents.

Thanks so much for joining us today that’s why we continue to present some of these ideas and the roadmap to referrals if you haven’t heard of our program roadmap to referrals.

Please do jump on mike’s calendar and he will give you a tour of the program and the system so that you can see exactly how it works and how you can present each week a unique differentiator to really position your agency as the agency of choice for your best referral sources.

Thanks so much for joining me, and together we grow.


The Pandemic certainly caused agencies to struggle to gain access to seniors in assisted living. Who can blame them for being protective of their residents? However, those residents now need us more than ever!

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