Do you love what you do?

It’s a simple question really, but we complicate it by saying “yes, I love this part” and “I really hate this part.”

Most of us would say that we do love what we do…sometimes. However, I’m going to challenge that a little bit. You can like what you do sometimes, but do you both LIKE and LOVE it?

Let me simplify this. You love your kids and your spouse, right? You love your parents. There are things they do that you simply don’t like. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you love them. Our careers can benefit from that kind of unconditional positivity. The idea that I may not like you or this aspect of you, but I still LOVE you applies.

So why am I even saying this?

Because you are LOVED.

Do you understand how much people in our industry love us when we go to work? When we stand our ground with a particularly difficult referral source and get them to authorize care for a patient who needs it. When we are still assessing a patient at 8:00 PM to make sure that they don’t go without.

These people LOVE your job! Many have sat at home in a bathtub waiting hours for someone to get home and help them get out. Others have missed meals or went for a couple of days without changing clothes. Even more have felt sick or unbalanced and just stayed on the couch instead of providing the care they need to themselves or a loved one.

If you’ve served in this industry long enough, you’ve walked in to see a patient lying on the floor, trying to get to a phone. You’ve sat in an emergency room waiting for an out-of-town loved one to come be with their parent. You’ve lost sleep worrying about someone who is no longer in your care and doesn’t have the support they need.

We should all love our home care, home health, and hospice jobs. We minimize the risk to so many frail patients and provide safety and comfort to people in their homes who would otherwise not have it. It doesn’t matter if you are the accountant at your agency, the salesperson, the owner, or the after-hours answering service…What you do matters and somebody LOVES you for it.

So on this Valentine’s day, I hope you realize that you are LOVED in the most profound way possible. You are a life-changer, miracle worker, and patient care defender who is often the pre-acute answer to preventing life-altering situations such as falls or deteriorating health.

I’ll admit, this is a sappy blog, but I hope you know that you are loved this holiday. One of the greatest gifts you can give those who love you is to love the very thing they love about you.

What better way to love them back?


Have a great weekend!

– Jason

About the Author:

Jason Lewallen is Vice President of Marketing

for Home Care Sales

He can be reached at:


Phone: 615.815.7907


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