This is the question I believe is at the core of every discussion we have with a referral source, a family, or even a potential hire. They are asking themselves this every time you are in front of them presenting your Home Health, In-Home Care, or Hospice agency. 

“Why should I choose you?” It’s a simple question, yet it goes layers deep. 

Because on the surface, we are highly commoditized.

Home Health has Nursing, OT, PT, ST, and Aides – it’s part of our regulations. And the price? Well, under traditional Medicare, Home Health is 100% covered. So the price isn’t even a differentiator.

In-Home Care – WOAH we Don’t want PRICE TO BE THE DIFFERENTIATOR – no lowest rate here!   – so we work hard to differentiate our agency from the 100’s of other agencies in our town.  

This sales skill on the surface seems SO EASY!

Of course, we are different than the other agencies!

It is one of the most critical skills that I made it the first lesson in the “Achieve” program.


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When we drill on this concept in our workshops, we hear things like

  1. We Care!
  2. We have quality Nurses!
  3. We provide personalized attention!

Is it true? Most likely, YES!

The problem is – this is not good enough.  

Over the last 18 years consulting with agencies across the country, I have worked with reps, and here is what I know: Your competitors are saying the same thing you are – we care – we have great nurses – we have caring caregivers!  

This didn’t work 10 years ago, and it doesn’t work now!

See if you have said any of these things before:

  1. We have a great Physical Therapy…
  2. Our caregivers are trained – we provide over 8 hrs of orientation…
  3. We provide Nursing, OT, PT, and ST…
  4. We help with bathing, dressing, and meal prep…
  5. We have low minimums…
  6. We have a nurse on call 24 / 7…
  7. We are family-owned and operated…
  8. We use technology to help with care…
  9. We will help with pet care too…
  10. We provide transportation…

Do any of those ring true for you? If you said to them in the past, you are not alone. Many reps say these EXACT things only to find they come up short when a patient or resident is referred.

They do not get the call.

If you have said any of the above 10 – don’t stress out – we have created an easy way to tweak them and get the results you want – A REFERRAL!

Here are the 4 “buckets” your differentiators usually fall into

  1. Your ownership
  2. Your agency
  3. You
  4. Your team

Everything goes from there! 

One of our favorite exercises that I have been doing since 2008 that still stands the test of time is:

What are the Top 10 reasons that someone would do business with you?

List them out!  

It’s a great exercise.

And if you are having trouble getting beyond 3 or 5 – We have got your back!

In our new “Achieve” program, this is Lesson 1, and we break it down for you in 15 mins or less you will be crafting your own compelling “Top 10 Differentiators”!

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