1. House Rules VIP customer service monthly meetings to establish the communication and access to key figures at your accounts to move this relationship into your new vault!
  2. Transitional Care Management Programs for all facility referrals that will help your accounts make more money! Help your physicians find revenue and they will refer to you for life.
  3. Develop your own 2 min elevator speech that speaks to the decision-making area of the brain. Cheryl and Melanie will be there to help you create your speech and tweak it into a referral magnet ready to use whenever you have that one time opportunity to talk with a discharge planner, case manager, or physician.
  4. Master how to give a presentation that will impress your audience so you stand out from the crowd.
  5. Learn how MACRA has provided you MIPs that can be used as a strategic design sales call.
  6. Master using our Advance care planning toolkit that we provide to be used by every physician that sees patients in his office! This puts your agency at top of mind!
  7. How to create and run a post-acute care collaboration
  8. Office hours to network with other attendees and work privately with Cheryl and Melanie.
  9. Chronic care management billing to provide an additional revenue stream to your physician accounts.
  10. Care Plan oversight that makes it easy for your physicians to bill!
  11. Emergency Room diversion programs, how to get one started!
  12. How to develop a disease management program to differentiate your organization and meet the new market bar expectations. We will provide a detailed action plan to take back with you and do with your Clinical Director or Administrator! Better yet bring them with you so we can get it done on-site!