Recently I was asked by an owner I was consulting for – Why couldn’t he grow “faster” and what was impeding his growth?

He has a solid team of home care marketers. They use our High-Performance Sales Process. He has experienced double-digit growth since engaging in our training, but he wants more growth and he would like it faster.

Perhaps like you – He has cases open, shifts open – it’s not a lack of marketing skill at this point. It’s a lack of “ready to go” caregivers.

Many owners have increasingly told us over the last 5 years – it is not the lack of referrals that are impeding their growth it’s the lack of quality caregivers. The caregiver turnover is too high. According to Home Care Pulse in its 2019 Benchmark study, The Median Caregiver Turnover Rate pushed 80+%.

Whew, what a challenge!

There is nothing more frustrating to a Home Care Sales or Marketing team than to have the referrals pouring in and not ENOUGH Caregivers! Strategically we have to find a way to care for potential clients in a “stop-gap” methodology while our Ops teams have time to “find the perfect caregiver” for your referral.

You are starting to hear the words “virtual caregiver” and “digital care.” How does that work? Cheryl and I have been working with our clients on how to bridge the gap between the referrals the Home Care Marketers bring in and the ability to staff the client “right now”.  We recognize this is a process and the process starts NOW!

Join us this Wednesday, March 11th at 11:00 AM CST / 12:00 Noon EST / 9:00 AM PST to see where the process begins.


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