This week on a coaching call, one of the new home health and hospice marketing teams we recently took on for sales management shared with us:


“We are good. But the hospice competition is getting tougher. More and more reps are coming in and just beating us.”


I asked, “why is that?”


She said:


“I don’t think they provide better care. I don’t think they “do anything special,” but I think they are just showing up, sharing their message, and getting a referral here and there. You multiple that by five new competitors in the last year and it’s chipping away at my numbers.”


I told her – “I bet you are right.”


Let’s see how we can make a plan to take back your share!

Step 1 Identify and Qualify:


Look at your data; where are the gaps?

Where are you losing your share compared to last year or the year before?

Be sure to identify new accounts.


Ask the six questions to qualify your accounts and rank them.
(From the High Performance Sales Academy)

Step 2 Make a routing plan:


Target the accounts in the same geographical area and MAP IT!

Step 3 Calendar it :


The calendar does ALL the heavy lifting for you so that you can be YOU! Where are you going and on what days?

Step 4: Execute it


DO IT! Make your calls and share your unique sales education message of the week for Home Health, Hospice, or In-home care!

This rep is in the middle of creating her hospice marketing plan – after our 60 min session, she had a clear plan on her top 10 accounts.

See, this rep just needed a little guidance in putting it together. She is a super hard worker and a caring representative. I know she will execute it, and we will be there for her every step of the way.

Sometimes you just need a guide to help you move forward. Someone who has been there, done it, and is STILL doing it!


We can help!

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Here’s to taking your MARKET BACK!!

Together We Grow!