We work with Marketers across the country, and the thing we see over and over is how many missed opportunities there are for referrals because the Marketer does not understand the depth and the breadth of what their service line can offer.

I was recently on a discovery call with an owner, and she said. My Marketer isn’t getting the referrals I need. She went on to say that the only referrals that were coming in were from the AL because that is where the Marketer had worked previously. 

I asked how the Marketer, Kayla, had been onboarded. She said the usual way, HIPAA, Infectious disease, company policy, etc. I asked had anyone shared with Kayla Home Health and the benefits policy manual or any home health orientation. The owner, Jennifer, reported – “Gosh No – that is only for clinical staff. We would not expect our home health marketers to know that.”

This is shocking to us. 

We wouldn’t let a caregiver or nurse go out into the field without the proper orientation to home care or home health, but routinely we see marketers who struggle to go beyond the basics.

Ask your Home Health marketers this question:

What are the 5 criteria that must be met to be eligible for Medicare Home Health?

Did they answer it off the top of their head? Or did they have to go look it up?

…Or By guidelines, can a Speech Therapist do a SOC?

…Or What do you need to have OT be provided to a patient?

Most Marketers get ‘on the job training,” and that means they learn by trial and error. This is costing you millions of dollars in lost revenue.

It’s not just Medicare agencies. We see this same problem within home care too.

While the main criteria for “eligibility” for In-Home Care is a payor source, we experience marketers who miss opportunities to care for clients because they don’t know how to position your agency as a support service to the Medicare Home Health or Hospice. 

That means your Marketer needs to know Home Health and Hospice too. They can then “speak” the language of the home health or hospice and have a logical discussion on how your caregiver will support the medical treatment plan in a non-medical way through your caregivers.

Knowledge = POWER

Get yourself to the top in 3 easy steps:

Step #1: Know your service line cold 

The Medicare Benefits Policy Manual is a great place to start if you are a Medicare Home Health or Hospice agency. If you are an In-Home Care company, list the services and payor sources you accept. Identify common diagnoses clients have. What differentiates your agency in the market. (Differentiation is Lesson 1 in the Achieve Program)

Step #2: Know the service line of your strategic partners – HH, Hospice and In-Home Care

Learn how to help them produce revenue or protect revenue.


If you are looking for a fast and easy way to achieve this position of THE SENIOR CARE EXPERT, then the ACHIEVE program is just for you!

This week we released lesson 4 of the Achieve program, we reviewed the criteria for Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care because we believe when you know your service line cold, you are in the top 10% of your competition.

When you know your strategic partners line Home Health, Hospice, and Private Duty / In-Home Care, you are in the TOP 1%. You become the SENIOR CARE EXPERT RESOURCE!

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