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Purchase Roadmap to Referrals or High-Performance Sales Academy & gain 3-months of referral growth secrets. Purchase both programs and unlock 12 months of referral growth secrets in 41 unique lessons with downloadable guides and more. Either purchase unlocks your chosen gift via HCS Mobile App Pro for revenue on the go!

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A Referral Message for Every Week of the month

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Revenue tools for building a plan and growing your referrals.

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Roadmap to Referrals

Elevate your referral source meetings

The Roadmap to Referrals Guide shows you proven methods to gain access to referral sources and leave with a referral!

You are given a weekly educational sound bite message, prints for your referral sources, quick reference guides to diagnosis, voicemail and email scripts, and a monthly call to prepare for all the topics of the following month.

What's in the Roadmap to Referrals?

A Message for Every Week

Each week of month is laid out with a topic, training, and/or handouts to serve as a guide and tools to help drive referrals.

Customized Handouts with your Logo and colors

Imagine having new handouts written by clinician marketing experts with your logo, company colors and contact info.  Ready for you to print and reprint as needed.

Quick Reference Guides

Not every salesperson is a clinician. Quick reference guides decode diagnosis and give your team the tools to understand how your services impact your referral sources and their patients.

Monthly Coaching Call

Each month, your team will get a chance to gain direct guidance from Cheryl and Melanie. Your marketers and liaisons will see how to approach referral sources and execute a proven plan for consistent referrals.

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High performance sales academy

Proven Method to Consistently Unlock New Referral Opportunities

Salespeople, liaisons, or marketers are all tasked with certain outcomes. The High-Performance Sales Academy is the pathway to reaching those outcomes.

 Each step from the first meeting to the first referral as well as overcoming objections, are all defined here. 

What's in the High Performance Sales Academy?

An Easy to Follow 5-Step Process

From Qualifying accounts to dealing with non-referring accounts, Home Care Sales has a repeatable process to continuously grow and build deeper relationships with your referral sources.

Unique Video Trainings

Trainings are provided in an easy to follow video format with interactive downloads and scripts to make sure you are on the path to success.


Five Step Selling E-Book

The 5 Steps to High Performance Selling provides you with a perfect on-the-go reference to serve as a companion to the digital course.

Bonus Section with Incredible Trainings

After going over the basics, you'll want more details on working with hospitals, getting past gatekeepers, building a calendar, and more. These must-know secrets are revealed in the Bonus Section.

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