We have read the numbers of 45-65% decrease in revenue from other industry articles.

It is an uncertain time.

How you motivate your marketers during this transitional period will determine how you “accelerate out of the turn.”

My Dad shared with me early in my driving career, “how to take the racing line” because you get more traction during a turn when you are accelerating.

  1. Decelerate before entering a turn
  2. Move your vision to the apex point
  3. Once you hit the apex point with the car
  4. Move your vision to the road where you want to go
  5. Accelerate out of the turn

Basically, my father taught me to “Drive like a bat out of Hell,” according to my Grandmother. (she was VERY colorful)

In retrospect – maybe not the best idea to teach a teenager. However, I was the best driver! (Still am)

Life Lessons from “Dad’s School of Driving”


It’s time to put the peddle to the metal with your marketers!

They are hungry to achieve, and you can help them!

  1. Get a plan! If you do not have your “Obsessed 100” accounts – you are behind! But there is time to catch up!
  2. Sales Message of the Week – What is it? Review it with your team.
    • Disease-specific
    • Telehealth
    • Caregiver/discipline-specific
  3. Script it up! Craft emails, VM, Text and Phone scripts with your sales message of the week
  4. Track it! Which ones are resonating?

It is going to be SUPER tempting to get out in the field and “GO” market in person. But as my mentor says Activity doesn’t mean PRODUCTIVITY…

Its time to be the best “hybrid” version you can be!

When its appropriate and your state allows it – of course, you will want to go see your best referral sources in person.

But knowing what we know now – our teams will always be carrying 50 “remote” marketing accounts.

We may only see them once a quarter – or maybe never. But we have their attention after “remote marketings” for 6 wks, and we are going to keep it!

Time to take a “racing line” and accelerate through this turn. So that you can get onto the straightaway where you can go SUPERFAST!

Want to go SUPERFAST with us? There is still time and space in our inside sales ‘remote marketing” program!

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