Patient Care Delivery - Post Pandemic Nothing is the Same!

Multi Agency Collaboration is Critical to Survival - for Patients and Agencies!

The Total Patient Care Delivery Model helps you and your patients/clients achieve goals together!

We all believe that Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care should be working together for the betterment of our patients. But How?

Discover how Home Health, In-Home Care (Private pay/Private duty), and Hospice can work together in the continuum of care to serve all our patients and clients more deeply—unlocking care for all those who need and deserve a referral to your services.

As a Home Health clinician, It breaks my heart to say that I never made a referral to Home Care or Hospice. 

Yet, today, I wish nothing more than to return to my patients and share the referral to hospice and home care.

Melanie Stover, OT, MBA, MS/ISM

Home Health

As a Home Health agency owner, money is on the table when we don't reach out to in-home care to help and support us. We are struggling with staffing and aides. Home Care (private duty) can be the answer to help support the patient in the home.

In-Home Care

In-Home Care agency owners: You can be the hero to your clients and their family to facilitate skilled health professionals at no additional cost through traditional Medicare when your clients are eligible.  


Hospice agency owners: The right in home care caregiver can extend your care in the home and be the hub of communication between staff and family.

All of this sounds great, but it's HARD to put into practice!

Discover the step-by-step formula to working through the continuum with your care partners, impacting more lives through home-based services and increasing your revenue with high-value referrals!

In this 2 part webinar series, we will guide you through the setup and execution of the Total Patient Care Delivery Model.

April 25 (Recorded for Immediate Replay)

Part 1: Set up for Success – Marketing and Sales spearheading the initiative internally and externally

  1. Identifying and setting up the care partner system using claims data such as Trella Health
  2. Identify three high-value patient/ client types that are served by all three service lines
  3. Create a tactical plan for execution

May 2nd, 12 pm CT:

Part 2: How to operationalize and systematize – Ops, Marketing, and Sales working seamlessly for the greatest outcomes

  1. Execute care partner system with all stakeholders
  2. Establish monthly or quarterly Post Acute collaboratives with targeted accounts
  3. Create feedback loops through quarterly alignment process improvement documents.

a higher-level strategy

This is a higher-level strategy than simply partnering with another agency. We coach all of our outsourced sales management clients to think beyond "OT, PT, ST, and Nursing," "End of life care," or "bathing, dressing, grooming, and meal prep" - EVERYONE says those things. That is not unique.

Your referral sources think they "know" you, but why don't they refer more often if they truly did? How are you going to rise above the noise of your competitors? Following this formula helps protect or produce revenue for your referral sources and enables you to sit at the post-acute table with your top account targets.

Everyday Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care agencies are invited to discuss facility outcomes and community-based referral sources. Are you one of them? 

Your Marketing and Sales Teams are the face of the agency. But are they Post-Acute Care Experts across the continuum?

This model has produced referrals in a demanding environment of "no staff or opens today" and next week, hiring new staff requiring referrals to get them filled up quickly.

Sales & Marketing in this industry is challenging but also very rewarding! All those performance numbers we present each week, referrals, and admissions are LIVES that we impacted for the better! 

Be bold! Be courageous! Be The Post-Acute Care Expert for home-based services!

The Total Patient Care Model is the way!

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Who is this for?

Agency Owners & Leadership

Agency owners who are looking for ways to extend their staff and presence

Marketing & Sales Managers

Marketing and Sales managers who are looking for new ways to access some of their high value accounts which have “tightened up access” post COVID 

Operational Managers & Executives

Operational Managers and executives who are looking to increase their continuum of care 

Benefits of Attending

Gain Access

A proven model to gain access to patients/ clients and extend their care in the home

Continuum of Care

Continuum of care execution – Home Health, Home Care, Palliative, Hospice

Correct Visit Frequency

Creating the right visit frequency to support the patient and payer goals

A Stronger Network

Explore care delivery within your health network or outside partners. This model works either way! Calling all agencies with one or multiple service lines!