I’m going to describe a few setback scenarios. If any of these describe you, I want you to read on, but only after you say this phrase aloud:

“I am on a mission”

– Setback Scenarios –

  • You are struggling to get enough referrals.
  • Your referral sources are not responding to your sales calls.
  • Competitors are taking all the referrals in your market.
  • Other agencies are breaking the law to get referrals.
  • You feel your agency doesn’t support you.
  • There aren’t enough patients in your market to hit your number.

Remember, if this is you or your situation say it aloud:

“I am on a mission.”

Now, this next part may feel like a curveball, but …did you know that everyone loves an underdog? We naturally root for the disadvantaged and hope that they will win, even if it is against all odds.

If you are in any of the setback situations above, you probably feel like the underdog. In our industry, most salespeople are. Many clinical individuals from both your own company and those who can refer patients to you have a stigma built up against your position.

Even worse: You have patients and families that don’t know they have options. Your referral sources often have NO EDUCATION (and generally misconceptions) about what you do.

It’s up to you to rise above the struggle and well… you are the underdog.

Your mission, however, is bigger than your challenge.

Without you, patients go without care. The education you provide to referral sources and clients/client families is the catalyst for longer and better lives for your patients.

Remember how I said everyone loves an underdog? Every senior between the age of 70-80 is on the path to a fall. They are set up to miss their medications and confuse the medicine all together. They will go without meals and many suffer depression due to the loss of a significant family member.

They are all underdogs. I love them, you love them, and your referral sources love them. We know that we can make that 10 year gap between 70-80 (and beyond) so much better, but our referral sources do not. They don’t know there are answers. They don’t know that we have those answers.

Rising above means having the right mind set. Don’t focus on all the things that have went wrong up to today. Think about it this way: The setback you experience today is the setup for a comeback tomorrow!

In that way, you are not a failure, but an underdog. Everybody loves an underdog.

For every challenge you face, there is a life in need of your service. Remember what I asked you to say out loud?

(Reminder: I am on a mission)

Your mission is bigger than the obstacles you face. The reward is greater than difficulties you are up against. You are the best kind of underdog story…The one where the underdog wins.

Go and let your week change someone’s life for the better!

– Jason


About the Author:

Jason Lewallen is Vice President of Business Development

for Home Care Sales

He can be reached at:

Email: jason@homecaresales.com

Phone: 615.815.7907


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