Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Sales reps typically say, “I want to build my numbers.”

Yet, many sales reps don’t succeed. Why?

Why don’t they make it? 

Why are they unable to grow relationships that produce referrals? 

Maybe there are legitimate reasons why people fail. 

Why is it that sales reps who have the most resources, almost every help available, and still fail? 

Why do sales reps without resources succeed? 

What does it take to achieve?

The answer: Relentless action.

80% of businesses fail in under five years. If you want to succeed, you need to take action. You need skills, yes. You need knowledge, yes. But you need to be able to get off your but and do it! 

You need to know why you want to do it. 

Money usually isn’t a big enough reason to get off your butt and move. To follow through, it must be in your core! You will do more for others than you will for yourself. If you give yourself the tool of momentum, you will have the difference between success and failure. It’s the ability to understand momentum.


Whats momentum?  When one sports team gets there, hunger ignited, and the whole team’s drive towards success changes.  In hockey, if one team is losing 3-0, the losing team’s goalie makes fantastic saves during a power play that gives the losing team a boost in momentum. 

Once the power play is over, that losing team comes out on the ice on fire. Typically they are the team that scores the very next goal! You get the execution of the team’s skills that they have trained for during practice. 

The only difference is they changed their belief system. They went from believing their team would lose this game 10-0 to believing they could win. They now were saying to themselves in their head, “we only need two goals to tie this game.” The players now use their knowledge and their learned skills to influence their outcome. 

So how do we apply this to sales?


Become the consultant. When you are a thought leader, you will have no limit to the quality of your impact on your referral sources. You will be the expert that referral sources seek. Execution trumps knowledge.

You need the tool of momentum. You need the skill, you need the drive, and when you apply belief and action = incredible results.  

Many people believe that if you exhibit potential, that potential = results. Potential doesn’t equate to results.   

No, what they can do is usually disappointing.

Why? Because we are afraid to do the work. We are so scared to take action because we hate rejection. Is it possible to take massive action and still fail? Yes. The real secret is to create certainty. Know where to go to get referrals, know the words to say, and how to get past gatekeepers, and then put the work in with massive action, and score the goals, and you win!

Certainty = maximum potential (knowledge obtained) + Massive Action.

What is certainty? Without it, you get shitty results. With it, you have referrals!   

Certainty is knowing what you are doing and how it is impacting the world. Certainty = Confidence. Confidence builds your momentum.  

Flip it. More potential, massive action without certainty is a waste of time. Don’t go out selling to do the action without having assurance. Knowledge of how you can help others and the massive effort to do the necessary sales calls is the path to success.

We have your knowledge tools.  We can give you the knowledge you need with our orientation and High-performance sales academy.  

We can give you the right words and the neuroscience to get past gatekeepers.  

We will give you the knowledge tool to expand the referral sources definition of patients using our Road Map to referrals.  

You need to apply the massive action!  Email to get a personal tour of our products to drive your success.  We got you!  

Keep Helping, Keep Serving,

Cheryl Pelekis, RN “The Solutionist”