costing money

Most home care services and hospice facility owners have experienced an under producing salesperson. The worst part is when an agency goes upside-down on the investment and is paying more than what the owner is receiving in new patients. Let alone growing the business.

This is what leads to distrust. Many home care and hospice agencies that hired a sales force that didn’t produce results will not hire again for years. However, the real pain doesn’t come from not having a salesperson for a time. It comes when you realize you are losing your influence in the market. Most likely, you are losing your influence to none other than other agencies’ representatives. Another salesperson is getting your money AGAIN!

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way, but you have to shift your perception. You are not hiring an untrustworthy swindler. You are hiring a service educator. Without someone going to the market to help patients and home health care referral sources to understand the amazing work your agency does, you are simply going to lose business.

Maybe not today, but you will remain vulnerable to a great service educator working for another agency. So don?t wait until someone comes in and sweeps up all your referral sources. At Home Care Sales, we can help you protect your hard earned reputation and build a census that ensures seniors will not go without the care they deserve!

We have developed the High-Performance Sales Academy that will provide your sales team instant access to our online learning platform. You can ensure that they are fully armed with all the tools they need to be successful and continue to improve for a full 365 days.

Bundled in that program is a transformational live event where we will work with your team face-to-face to ensure they have strategies that will work for their market place. And, this?High-Performance Sales Academy?will cost you less than a single Medicare referral or 80 billable hours of home care services!

So what are you waiting for? Block your seat before it is taken.