As I look back on these past five months of COVID response and now to the future of our “new normal,” I am so grateful for our Mastermind group.

As the eye of the storm, COVID hit all of us. They were generous with their support of each other.

We shared communications with staff, so other owners and executives didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” When one member “got something that worked,” they immediately shared it.

When one Mastermind member struggled to gain PPE – another shared all the resources and ways they were able to obtain free PPE in their area – Great news!  The member who struggled to find PPE was able to use the other owner’s support to get free PPE for his agency.

When like-minded abundant owners and executives come together, magic happens!

The marketing teams were “Locked” out very quickly. We knew we had to create a new sales process FAST.  Inside Sales Remote Marketing took shape, and we launched it to our mastermind group. As mastermind members, the owners and executives have access to our sales training programs for all their team members. Inside Sales – Remote marketing was crucial to the success of the agencies. The mastermind members reported a dip in admissions and hours in the early days of COVID. Today I am proud to tell you all of the mastermind members are above pre-COVID referrals.

This team of dedicated owners and executives showed up for each other and themselves.


As an owner of an agency, it can be lonely. You wish there was someone who could understand your frustration. There is a place where we all speak the same language – The Mastermind.

You are not alone.

We’ve got your back.


Many of you have been in business for several years and have “been there done that.”

You know many of the mistakes “not to make” because you “made them.” Imagine sharing that wisdom with another owner or executive who could benefit from your hard-earned lessons. The contribution is what gives this group the depth of knowledge and understanding.


Together with all the AWESOME knowledge in the group, you can compress time. Which means you can accomplish in one year – what would have taken you 3-5 years on your own through trial and error.


Freedom to have the agency of your dreams


More Seniors

Your Lifestyle

Your Income

We can do this together.

Cheryl and I invite you during this time of “social distancing” to join us.

Virtual Mastermind

This program is by application only.

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Here’s to your Freedom!

Melanie & Cheryl