Opening your own company is hard work. You get through setting up the organization and now you have all the pieces in place but one. 

Where are the clients? 

Where are the referrals?

Many owners think the hard work is in getting the organization set up but then find that they build the company to serve people and they cannot find people to serve. I am going to give you the 5 quick steps that I wrote about in my first book called The Five Steps to Sales Success. 

Step one:  Study your data! 

I am sure you must have at least a few patients. The first place to start to grow your business is with those patients. Dive into each patient and find the following information:

  1. Primary Care Physician
  2. Senior Center
  3. Specialist Physicians
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Where did you get that referral from?

Once you have this list of information you are ready to use the patient’s name as leverage to build relationships that can lead to more referrals. 

If you got the referral from a Facebook ad, now you can reach out to the patient, obtain who their primary care physician is, and go make a visit to that doctor’s office to give them an update on how the patient is doing while receiving your services. It is a change for you to conduct your qualifying sales call, and you can easily bypass the gatekeeper because you have a patient’s name that you are there to talk to them about!

Step 2:  Accounts

Every brick and mortar building that refers to your company is an Account. You want to keep track of all the referrals each month from each account. You now have an opportunity to grow the number of referrals that you get from your accounts. 

When I first started out, I listed out all the accounts and the accounts with the highest number of referrals because my A accounts, and the accounts that I thought could become top accounts based on patient volume would get a B rating. I then made sure that every account with an A or B rating would have a valuable sales call each week to teach the accounts about the benefits they and their patients would receive when they referred patients to my organization. 

I follow the Home Care Sales 52-week road map of referrals. It is so easy to just grab my customized flyer, listen to the role play from the coaching call, and go teach all the account types that I can. I love having one solid message for the week that peaks my confidence in the field doing sales calls.

Next week I will show you the next 3 steps in my blog post. If you would like to purchase the book on amazon you can find it here:

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