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Highlighted Monthly Topics

2023 Updates

New updates for 2023 and how they will impact your Marketing

Hate Marketing Planning?

Everyone does! Here’s an easy way to create your next 90 days to ACHIEVEMENT! A plan’s what, why, and how generates results and definitely doesn’t sit on a shelf! 


Professionalism in marketing.  How to get the respect you deserve and be a peer resource for your referral sources


100 agencies in your area? How to rise above the noise and get back your market share!

Hiring a Marketer

Take the guesswork out of interviewing and getting the right one to say yes! Bring your best hiring, interviewing, and onboarding tactics, and we will share ours!

Digital Marketing

Breaking through the digital clutter – are they ignoring your emails and other digital marketing?

Stop Bad Payor Sources

STOP the crummy payor sources! I need GOOOD referrals! Generating new referral sources AND leveraging existing referral sources to refer more

Does Marketing even matter?

Demonstrating the ROI of Marketing activities and discussing their impact

Three ways we can help you right now

If you are an agency owner, manager, or sales representative, here are 3 ways we can help you right now...


Download our Free Mobile App!

The Home Care Sales App has both free and paid content to put into action right now.


RoadMap to Referrals™ your map for the exact words to say  to get those referrals!

Click Below to secure a time on Mike's Calendar to see the RoadMap in action.


Coaching for Owners/ Managers or Representatives!

With over 25 yrs out in the field, Melanie and Cheryl have the experience for executive coaching for you or your reps to take it to the next level!