One of our favorite reps on coaching call this week said:  

“I was so mad that last month I got a lot of referrals on one side of the business but not on the other side!”

She continued: “I went to see Dr. Place, who promised me that he had a patient in mind last week. I did what you always tell me to take that extra step when they say they need to talk to the family to ask the patient’s name for follow-up…”

“Do you mind if I have that patient’s name?” he said, “Yes, I mind. I want to talk to the patient first.”

On Top of that, she reported– “he said: why are you here?” 

She told him that she was here to discuss his Home Health and Hospice patients.

He said, “You told me about that last week. – I might be able to forgive you if you brought me something sweet.”

Oh no! Are we back to muffin marketing?  

This rep persevered!  She said. “That is not why I am here to give you sweet treats!  I am here to help your patients!”  

He said – “OK, tell me something I didn’t know about your services.”

This week on the Roadmap to Referrals is Cancer Care for Home Health.  This was a perfect opportunity for her to share with this Dr how her agency can help patients who are not quite ready for Hospice gain care and a great transitional team through palliative.

This rep nails patient vignettes!  And she gave a perfect patient vignette about a patient who most likely could have qualified for Hospice but was still seeking curative treatment.  Which cancer patient came to mind?

He reported, “You know – I do have a cancer patient who is still seeking curative and not quite ready for hospice! I didn’t know you had that.”

(This rep reports that she has told him 100 times about services – it’s a great lesson in repetition is your friend to cement your services in their brain for recall!)

WAY TO GO!  She was able to “trigger” visualization of a patient! 

And get this Dr to get ready to refer a patient!  

This rep is so passionate about Home Health and Hospice!

I know you are too!

There are so many patients who are not getting the care they deserve – YOUR CARE!

The framework that she used to create a patient vignette is in our High-Performance Sales Academy!

The framework for her weekly educational messages is in our RoadMap to Referrals.

If you would like more information and a tour of the programs – click here to schedule a time that is good for you!

Together We GROW!


P.S.  TIP FROM THE FIELD! When they say, they need to talk to the family and will not give you their name – ask for their initials anything that will help you prompt their memory when you follow up on that patient!!!