This week I took a call from an owner who said to me. “I don’t see how selling by Diagnosis will work…”


“Selling by Diagnosis is “HorseSh**”


He continued, “I don’t believe it. It will not work. I am non-medical home care, and we are not treating medical conditions, so I don’t see how anyone is going to give me a referral by asking for a CHF patient.”


I have heard this – well, not quite exactly like %&* that before. But I have heard other people share this technique of Dx Sell™ will not work in identifying patients for care.


I appreciate Randy’s skepticism. Let’s try this. Do you know a clinician? A nurse, social worker, Dr or therapist? Great!


Now – ask them:

Tell me about the last CHF patient you treated or worked with?


What did they say?


You see, clinicians are trained in diagnoses. It’s how we think. It’s how we assess. We know what to look for in that type of patient, and we also know the common symptoms and challenges. Based on our experiences, we know how to treat them.


When you tell me to think of the last CHF patient I treated, I can see him in my mind’s eye. His name is Freddy. He was 226 lbs. He was a steelworker. He was proud to be Italian. He lived in McKees Rocks. He LOVED his family, and his wife was tiny compared to him. He struggled with his diet, he didn’t always take his medicine, and when his symptoms increased because he also LOVED prosciutto…he would end up at the ER!


I can see him, his wife, and their 3-story house on the side of a mountain in Pittsburgh, PA.


That was 1998 and I can still see him.


That is the POWER of asking for a patient by Diagnosis.


Once Freddy is brought to my consciousness, it makes asking for him so easy.


What did your favorite clinician say to you when you asked about the last CHF patient they treated?


I bet they were able to recall the patient in detail.


Once this patient is identified now, it’s your turn to insert how your agency can help.


We call these Home Care Sales Trigger Questions™ because you are “triggering” them to think of a patient who is currently on caseload right now! One that has needs for your service line.


Let’s craft a couple of Home Care Sales Trigger Question for Randy in non-medical In-Home Care.


Which CHF patient struggles to make the connection between what they “should” be eating on their low sodium diet and what they actually eat?


(Meal Prep is a cornerstone of In-Home Care!)


Which CHF patient are you worried about?


(Open-ended questions will get you farther!)


The goal is for them to identify a patient who is struggling and guide them to your service!


What happens if you a referral that involves Medical needs? Everyone should have a partner – Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care! Be a good referral partner to your Home Health, and they will return the favor!


Dx Sell ™ is the key to unlock the flood of referrals! It works!


Just last week, we were highlighting Parkinson’s in our RoadMap to Referrals program, and the rep I was coaching said, “OMG, I shared the educational message about Parkinson’s to my Drs office, and I walked out with a REFERRAL! I NEVER got a Parkinson’s referral before! This is SO cool!”


You can too!


RoadMap to Referrals is how you do it!


Want to learn more or see the program? Click on the link for Mike’s calendar and pick a time that works for you!


Keep Serving Seniors!


P.S. I grew up on a horse farm, so I am PLENTY familiar with Horsesh*t! The farm life gave me tons of work ethic! Where did you get yours from?

Last week my 7-year-old son – Don, came running into the house and announced. “I need a cup,” and opened the cupboard.


He grabbed a cup slammed the door so hard it bounced back open before I could even yell, “DON’T SLAM THE DOOR” he was gone.


2 mins later, Don gallops back into the kitchen and dumps the water into the sink with his hand over the edge. “MOM” he yelled, “I SAVED A TURTLE.”


We live in south Alabama on the water, so not too surprising; however, I wanted to make sure that a snapping turtle didn’t make a mistake and find his way into the pool.


Nope, this was a TINY TURTLE who somehow made his way into the pool. Don decided he would raise the turtle and began to research “what turtles eat” “how to care for a turtle” on his tablet.

Don went to the garage and found the old beach hermit crab container, filled it with dirt and grass, and got a small bowl filled with water. In a matter of an evening, Don became a “turtle whisperer” – well, maybe not a whisperer but had gained enough knowledge to keep the turtle alive!


Don is also SUPER lucky because his 2nd-grade teacher is not only an AMAZING teacher, but her daughter is at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, and Don was allowed to take the turtle to class.


Mrs. Rivenbark took a picture and sent it to her daughter. What Don and I thought was a box turtle turned out to be a semi-aquatic turtle! Super FUN!   Don LOVES this turtle, and now we are planning his release back into the wild!

What does this have to do with Marketing?


  1. Be a “student” of Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice Marketing!  (just like Don became a student of turtles)
  2. When you are a student, absorb and learn ALL you can about the service line! (Like Don learned what to feed Tiny Tim)
  3. Understand the mechanics of a marketing call to set the foundation (like Don had to build an environment for Timmy)
  4. An industry expert can share with you “insiders information” that you would not have known otherwise (like our expert at the Sea Turtle Center)


Tiny Tim’s Marketing To-Do List:


  • Be a student of the industry.
  • Research, practice,
  • BE a resource!
  • Discover the mechanics of a marketing call – there are precise steps to take to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity!
  • Enlist the help of experts who help you avoid mistakes and get to more referrals faster and easier!


Cheryl and I LOVE helping agencies just like yours!  Compress Time – get the insider’s advantage!


Will you let us help you?


Click here to jump on Mikes’s calendar and find a good time for you to see how you can gain the insider’s advantage!


Together We Grow!



P.S.  Tiny Tim is super fun to watch – Did you ever have a pet turtle?  



“How long does it take to get a referral? Can I speed it up?”


This is a GREAT question!

Last week I was with a group of marketers, and one of them said:

“I am new. I am developing a relationship with them, so I expect in about six mos or so, I will get a referral.”

Wait a minute – is that true?

What are you telling yourself?

Most likely, these stories we tell ourselves are “true” because we make them “true”.

We are hard-wired to “make our actions justified”.  If you are “newer” and don’t have any referrals yet – you might be telling yourself this because it makes you feel better about yourself and your results.

If you are “newer” and you got a referral on your 2nd week, you most likely would say something like – “I am new, and I CAN get referrals.”

Our self-talk is about MINDSET & CONFIDENCE – and CONFIDENCE SELLS!  I just dropped a lesson on CONFIDENCE recently in the ACHIEVE program.

(click here to sign up for that awesomeness)


CONFIDENCE – comes with SKILLS and EXPERIENCE!   And you CAN get BOTH!

CONFIDENCE – that you know how to approach an account


SHORTEN the TIME TO REFERRAL!  – KNOW on the 1st CALL if they are WILLING to refer to you.

WORK with referral sources who WANT to refer to you!  STOP guessing. Ask the questions. Get the answers.

We have UPGRADED our qualifying questions – if you have heard our training in the past, these are NEW– time to UPDATE and UPGRADE your questioning.


My mentor said to me last week – the shortest distance to overachieving your quota – is asking better questions and doing business with people who are OPEN TO YOU!  You can identify that on Step 1 of the High-Performance Sales Process.

Want the UPDATE and UPGRADE?

Click here to download the NEW High-Performance Sales E-Book for FREE!

Back to our Marketer who was in the group. I said to her.

“Challenge that thought.
What could you say that would not be a self-fulling prophecy?  
What can you say to yourself that would be MORE empowering.”

The answer she came back with:  “Well, maybe I could say I am new, and we are new to this area, but that doesn’t mean they have to wait for six mos to know me.”

I said – “That’s a start – let’s take it one step further.”

She said, “ Ok, I am new, and if they give me a referral, I could prove to them my customer service and attention to detail.”


Next version: “ I AM NEW”


And NEW IS GOOD!  Because I can start fresh and not carry the baggage of past referral experiences.  I can gauge their willingness to refer to me on the 1st marketing visit and KNOW if they are open to our services!  I don’t have to wait for six mos. Now is a great time to refer!”

PERFECT! That is MUCH more empowering.  And POWER is “attractive” you will draw more attention when you are Empowered through EDUCATION + SKILL DEVELOPMENT = CONFIDENCE!

Together we GROW!





This week in our CAM FAM – Mastermind meeting – we always start with gratitude- to get in the right mindset to be present at the meeting.

One of the Home Care agency owners and Operations director began her time with this gratitude:

“I am exhausted and grateful – we have 55 new clients to onboard.”


WOW – 55 new clients?

Can you imagine? Could you onboard 55 new clients in the next week or 2?

She went on to ask the group:

“How would you prioritize them in staffing?”


This is a GREAT question!

No one I know has a “bench” that big of caregivers to start all these clients at one time. Of course, they all “deserve” care because otherwise, why would they be referred to you? But how do you lay it out on a calendar? Who goes first? What is the logical order? How do I recruit fast!?

This is where the experience of the group comes into help!

One of the members shared at her agency; they have a level 1, 2, and 3. They categorize their patients and clients based on care level needs. She even offered to send the 1st agency their criteria for the levels! (YEAH! I love to see what others are doing and how it works!)


That’s not the only suggestion either. Check this out:

    • Another Agency Director reported they prioritize acuity and geography – i.e., do they have staff in that area?
    • Another owner reported he used acuity and “who was safe” to rate them on their ability to “be ok” for the short period until they get a caregiver in there.
    • Another suggestion was to offer them all a PERS solution until you could “get there” to “keep” the client attached to the agency while you got everyone on service.


These suggestions, recommendations, and synergy gave the agency owner and this HUGE number of new clients – a path forward.

The group sharing experiences and solutions is what the CAM FAM does!


Sometimes you need a sounding board in a non-judgmental space. A place you can go when you are exhausted and need a few suggestions from someone who has been where you are and can tell you how they did it (or would do it over again if they had the chance), saving you time, money, and a headache!

I am so grateful for the community and the CAM FAM! They are so intelligent and helpful and generous with their knowledge and systems!

If you would like to be part of the CAM FAM – Let’s see if it’s a right fit for both of us!


Click here to fill out an application!


Together we GROW!




One of our favorite reps on coaching call this week said:  

“I was so mad that last month I got a lot of referrals on one side of the business but not on the other side!”

She continued: “I went to see Dr. Place, who promised me that he had a patient in mind last week. I did what you always tell me to take that extra step when they say they need to talk to the family to ask the patient’s name for follow-up…”

“Do you mind if I have that patient’s name?” he said, “Yes, I mind. I want to talk to the patient first.”

On Top of that, she reported– “he said: why are you here?” 

She told him that she was here to discuss his Home Health and Hospice patients.

He said, “You told me about that last week. – I might be able to forgive you if you brought me something sweet.”

Oh no! Are we back to muffin marketing?  

This rep persevered!  She said. “That is not why I am here to give you sweet treats!  I am here to help your patients!”  

He said – “OK, tell me something I didn’t know about your services.”

This week on the Roadmap to Referrals is Cancer Care for Home Health.  This was a perfect opportunity for her to share with this Dr how her agency can help patients who are not quite ready for Hospice gain care and a great transitional team through palliative.

This rep nails patient vignettes!  And she gave a perfect patient vignette about a patient who most likely could have qualified for Hospice but was still seeking curative treatment.  Which cancer patient came to mind?

He reported, “You know – I do have a cancer patient who is still seeking curative and not quite ready for hospice! I didn’t know you had that.”

(This rep reports that she has told him 100 times about services – it’s a great lesson in repetition is your friend to cement your services in their brain for recall!)

WAY TO GO!  She was able to “trigger” visualization of a patient! 

And get this Dr to get ready to refer a patient!  

This rep is so passionate about Home Health and Hospice!

I know you are too!

There are so many patients who are not getting the care they deserve – YOUR CARE!

The framework that she used to create a patient vignette is in our High-Performance Sales Academy!

The framework for her weekly educational messages is in our RoadMap to Referrals.

If you would like more information and a tour of the programs – click here to schedule a time that is good for you!

Together We GROW!


P.S.  TIP FROM THE FIELD! When they say, they need to talk to the family and will not give you their name – ask for their initials anything that will help you prompt their memory when you follow up on that patient!!!

I often hear owners and representatives say, “Oh, this will take a while for me to start to get referrals from this account.”


When given the right tools, this is simply not true.


More than any other profession, sales rely on your thoughts, and thoughts become actions or inactions.

Actions, when taken in the correct order, will produce results.


Cheryl and I are in the middle of a 30-day sprint with a Home Health and Hospice.  It is a big project. They have AMAZING leadership, and their reps are good-hearted people who want to do well.


Have you ever said in the past: 


“Well, Dr. NoGood refers to XYZ Home Health because _________”

– or

“They have to get to know me first before they will refer.” 

– or

“You HAVE to bring them lunch before you can get a referral.”  


Or perhaps you thought:


“Well, they have their hospital-based agency so I am going to get nothing, so why go in.” 

– or

 “These sales calls intimidate me. They most likely already have a favorite home care, so what’s the use? …But I will go make the call anyway.” 


And what happens?


It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You walk out empty-handed.



Imagine you had the CONFIDENCE that the step-by-step procedure has worked for thousands of marketers JUST LIKE YOU!  And they CAN WORK FOR YOU TOO!

When you have the right information, tools, and experience, you can move mountains in a short period. The reps are killing it this week! We hear back from them walking out of a building with 8 referrals; out of a hospital with 7 referrals.

Why is this working so well?

They have the formula to follow! This week focused on their “Top Accounts” and gaining more from their top accounts and uncovering challenges – Cheryl shared with you the “STAR” script a few weeks ago.

  • Script
  • Trigger Emotion
  • Action
  • Rescue


The STAR script helps the marketer uncover challenges and areas of opportunities!


I also want to recognize their team is coachable. They are open to ideas and suggestions. They are IMPLEMENTERS! They are gaining coaching from their leadership, Cheryl, and I, and they are ACTING on it!


We are SO proud of this team! We are so grateful for these owners to invest in their marketing team!  Together We GROW!

Serving Seniors Together!



P.S. You want the STAR Method for uncovering challenges and opportunities?  It’s in our upgraded High-Performance Sales Academy!  Click here to start today!

Not quite ready to discover the step-by-step process?  Want more info? Jump on Mike’s Calendar and find a time that is good for you!

Recently, I received a call from an owner who was frustrated with his marketing team.

We are going to call him Ron. Ron had a very successful agency, but he struggled to “get his team in alignment.”

He felt like he didn’t have a handle on what they were doing or saying.


He was concerned that they were spending “too much time in their home offices” now that the territory was opening up.

He said it was a decent year in 2020 for growth, but he wanted to do better in 2021 and didn’t know where to start.

I asked Ron a few clarifying questions – (ask yourself these questions too)

    1. Do you have a defined expectation document?
    2. Do your reps know exactly what you both agree are tasks or activities for the position?
    3. Do you have a quota?
    4. Do you have a planned-out sales message and corresponding handouts for all 2021 – based on high-value referral types? (PDGM or Private Pay?)
    5. How do you “run” your sales meetings?

Ron reported he had several action items that could be improved. He wanted to focus on his marketing meetings. I shared with him our framework that we use with management clients.

This framework works for Home Health Marketing, Home Care Sales, or Hospice Liaisons.

High-Performance Home Care Sales Meetings:


    1. Lead with results and outstanding performance (individual or team)
    2. Success Stories – Who had a great call that turned into a referral or business for your agency
    3. Best Practices – What is the one thing you did last week that you believe moved the needle
    4. Challenges round table
    5. Sales Message of the week with role play
    6. Win! What is the thing that is going to move the needle this week?

This framework will help Ron and you have the most productive sales meetings. It will keep you on track and results-focused.

If you answered “no” to any of the clarifying questions above – we could help!

    • Do you have a defined expectation document?
    • Do your reps know exactly what you both agree are tasks or activities for the position? (We have an expectation document in our Fast-Track program)
    • Do you have a quota? (We can help you develop a cost-justified comp plan)
    • Do you have a planned-out sales message and corresponding handouts for all 2021 – based on high-value referral types? (PDGM or Private Pay?). (RoadMap to Referrals gives you a weekly marketing message that drives in high-value referrals)\
    • How do you “run” your sales meetings? (we just gave you our outline for our marketing meetings from our sales management program)

Want to learn more about our programs – click here to pick a good time for you, and Mike will tour you on the different options!

Keep Serving Seniors!


“Warning this is a little bit of a rant here inside.”



a person or company offering something for sale, especially a trader in the street.
“an Italian ice-cream vendor.”

We have heard from our hospital systems for years: “No Vendors on the floor without a badge.” You must be part of our “Vendor tracking system.”

I appreciate their concern for tracking who is in their hospitals; I also would submit those in Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care business are more than “vendors.” We are CARE PARTNERS!

I know that you believe as we do – we are educators first and patient advocates before we are “vendors.”

We believe that Sales = Profound Service, and we have a MORAL OBLIGATION to share our message of Home Care with the world. If you do not share your message and educate our referral sources and families, seniors will not get the care they deserve!

This is also why we share our proven methodologies and programs with you because we want you to succeed and not have to go through trial and error. You get the fast track – the most direct way to getting clients and patients by following our formulas.

You lead the way. You have the discussions and position yourself as the senior care expert who educates on Home Care, Home Health, or Hospice.

Even in our own industry, I have been in groups where Home Care Owners, Hospice Executives, and Home Health Administrators ask questions such as “What software do you use?” or “What marketing services are out there?”

Much to my dismay, the administrator shuts down conversations with “Vendors: No Pitching, No Selling, this space is only for support.”

I am a business owner and want a salesperson to tell me what they or their company can do for me – how else would I know what is out there??? Isn’t sharing your message support?? YES!

The mindset that sales and support are mutually exclusive is pervasive, and it only hurts seniors in the end who are not going to get the care they deserve by not learning about your services.

The good news is YOU are part of the solution. YOUR MISSION is bigger than their NO!

When you hear the word ‘VENDOR” or “NO SELLING” if you are part of this group, you square up your superhero cape and tell them, “I am a Home Care Educator.” I am here to help.

Don’t ever let your light dim because someone referred to you as a VENDOR or say “you can come to my event or group but only if you “Don’t Pitch your services.” You shine bright and attract people to you with your knowledge and expertise. They need to know who you are and what you do to understand how to refer to you!

This is your time! Change this mindset. Shine bright and BE the one that shows the world how to be an AWESOME EDUCATOR AKA PATIENT ADVOCATE AKA SALESPERSON AND YES EVEN A VENDOR!

Serve More Seniors!


Today, I spoke with one of our favorite clients, and she stated that she “bled white and red” (her Home Health and Hospice logo colors). I’ve learned something from being from the south and living in the SEC.

(no, that is not the security exchange committee as I MISTAKENLY thought when I met my husband. It’s THE South Eastern Conference – you know which includes the NEW NATIONAL CHAMPIONS – Roll Tide! – but I digress…)

You come to understand passionate “team players,” and this rep is undoubtedly one of those “team players.”

You know the type: Never REALLY off even though she is on PTO, willing to get consents signed at 9 pm, and the list goes on and on. She has been with this agency for 12 years, so the question is, can you “build” a Michelle?

YES, YOU CAN! And if you can build one – then you can repeat it!

Wouldn’t that be AWESOME! Retention system at its FINEST!


Having team members stay at your agency for 12+ years (nurses, therapists, aides, caregivers, and marketers) all getting to know one another and how to work together in a silent, beautiful dance… All that institutional knowledge makes me giddy as a business owner! I WANT MORE OF THAT!

Here is one of the steps you need to take to “build” a Michelle on your team:

Team Member Profile – do you have one?

Now you are asking me what a team member profile is?


Part 1: It’s all about your team member!

Do you know:

  1. Work activities that they do and give them energy
  2. Work activities that take energy
  3. Things they avoid


Part 2: What is their behavioral type or Personality

Do you know:

  1. What is their “work love language.”
  2. What does their personality “like” that is the key to stickiness!


Do you know the answers to these questions of your direct reports? If not, start now!

We just dropped this form in our resources section of our CAM experience – if you would like to be part of the CAM FAM, reach out and have a conversation!

Click here to fill out the application and see if it’s the right fit for you!

Serving Seniors Together!




When I saw the image above on the internet, I thought, OMG, so many Home Care Owners and Executives look just like this! All are looking to grow their agency, putting in a tremendous amount of effort and trying a whole bunch of strategies.

Only to give up when they are inches away from their “next breakthrough,” stopping just short of the “diamonds.”

Most Home Care Owners, following their passion for helping people are a lot closer to reaching their goals than they might think.

Lord knows you have put in enough “work” to have the level of success you desire!

You need a “Map”! If you knew you were just inches away, you would keep going strong!

That “Map” is carefully crafted with The 5 Pillars of a Growth Agency.

Like any trip, Home Care growth is easier if you know what roads to take to get you to your destination.

One of our favorite CAM FAM (Caring Agency Mastermind Family) clients looked to us for some recruiting answers (maybe you are looking too). Growing was not a challenge for them. ( I have heard from 3 owners this week – 1 had to turn down 600 hours, another had 2 – 24/ 7 cases – you are NOT alone with this challenge!) Recruiting was the last Mastermind Meeting topic – as it is the most often reported item that is limiting their growth!

The owners in the CAM FAM stepped up and helped this owner gain more clarity on:

How to gain more applicants: 

Examples of Great Headlines for the job posting – Have you updated your postings since the pandemic? Not just new year new you!

How to get them to “show up” for the interview:

Timelines on responding to the applicant and coordinating interviews “where the applicant is,” i.e., online, zoom, messenger, phone, and coordinating in-person visits outside the office.

How to get the applicant to “show up” for the orientation and required training 

It starts at the “verbal offer” to make them “sticky.” What does your “Welcome Wagon” look like?

I am so grateful to have these owners be part of this mastermind where they share so freely their experience and tools that are working for them.

If you would like to have a conversation and see if you are the right fit, please fill out an application, and let’s get started! Our next meeting is this Thursday!

In-Service to Seniors!