Today, we’re delving into the powerful world of frameworks and structure and how they can supercharge your results.


The Power of Structure

Think of structure as the backbone of any successful endeavor. Whether it’s an architectural masterpiece, a well-composed symphony, or your quest for sales excellence, the structure ensures everything falls into place. So, let’s explore how you can harness this power.

1. Clarity and Focus

Have you ever started your day with a chaotic to-do list, bouncing from one task to another, only to end the day feeling unaccomplished? We’ve all been there. But with a well-defined sales account structure, you’ll experience a dramatic shift. Define clear objectives, prioritize tasks, and allocate time for each. This clarity and focus are essential for achieving your goals, whether you’re aiming for more referrals or a healthier work-life balance. Goals and alignment documents are keys to your clarity.

2. Consistency Breeds Results

Picture this: Your sales team follows a structured outreach plan, engaging with account prospects at specific intervals. What happens? You create a consistent presence in the minds of your potential referral sources. By showing up predictably and delivering valuable education, you become a trusted source of information. Your consistency leads to trust, and trust leads to results.

3. Time Efficiency

Time is a non-renewable resource. It’s the great equalizer; everyone has the same 24 hours daily. How you utilize those hours can make all the difference. The structure allows you to make the most of your time. Allocating time for specific tasks and avoiding distractions ensures you focus on high-value activities. This time, efficiency directly translates into productivity, a key driver of success.

Framework: Your Guiding Light

While structure provides the skeleton, a framework is your guiding light. A framework is a set of principles and strategies that shape your approach to a particular goal or challenge. Here’s how it can transform your results:

1. A Proven Path

Frameworks are built on experience and data. They provide a proven path towards your objectives. A well-established framework can dramatically boost your referral generation when applied in sales. During the event, we’ll introduce you to your own sales management playbook that you can craft just for you, like treasure maps to your goals.

2. Flexibility within Boundaries

A framework isn’t a rigid set of rules. It’s more like a set of guardrails that keeps you on the right path while allowing room for creativity. Your unique circumstances and audience may require slight adjustments to the framework. Adaptability within a structured framework will enable you to leverage your creativity while staying true to the proven principles and getting the results you want! Sales calls frameworks keep the reps in between the guardrails and focus on hitting all the correct points of a sales call.

3. A Toolbox for Problem-Solving

Challenges are inevitable, both in sales and in life. Frameworks equip you with a toolbox of strategies to address these challenges. Whether it’s handling objections, streamlining your sales process, or managing your time effectively, a solid framework has the answers.

The Event and Your Transformation

At “The Home Care Sales Event,” you’ll discover a wealth of frameworks and structured approaches specifically designed for Home Care, Home Health & Hospice Sales. These are your keys to unlocking a new level of success. From refining your referral strategy to mastering sales management, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to drive results.

Remember, success isn’t just about working harder; it’s about working smarter. With structure and frameworks, you’ll enhance your efficiency and amplify your impact. Whether pursuing your sales goals or seeking a healthier patient/client mix, these principles are universally applicable.


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So, get ready to transform your journey to success with the power of structure and frameworks. Together, we GROW!

Melanie Stover

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Today, we’re diving into an essential topic for every home care, home health & hospice agency owner, administrator, or manager – how to become a better sales manager and unlock your reps’ full productivity potential.

It’s a subject close to my heart, and I’m thrilled to share insights that can transform your agency’s performance.


Sales Management: More Than Just a Title

First things first, let’s clarify what it means to be a sales manager. It’s about being a mentor, a motivator, and a strategic guide. It’s about having a vision for your sales team and the ability to inspire them to reach their full potential.

Now, ask yourself, do you currently consider yourself a true sales manager, or are you just managing sales reps? Your answer is critical because understanding your role’s depth can make all the difference in your team’s success. I have heard from many owners – they wear many “hats” – and managing a sales team is hard they have “too many irons in the fire”. They wish they could do more. How can you become a more impactful manager who gets full productivity from their reps- holding them accountable while empowering them to realize their full potential?


The Three Pillars of Effective Sales Management

Becoming a better sales manager begins with focusing on three essential pillars: clarity, accountability, and support. These pillars are the foundation of your journey toward full rep productivity.

1. Clarity

The first pillar is clarity – setting a clear vision, objectives, and expectations for your sales team. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your sales reps know the agency’s goals and their role in achieving them?
  • Are expectations, targets, and key performance indicators (KPIs) clearly communicated?
  • Does your team understand the agency’s unique value proposition and the services it offers?

Clarity provides your reps with a roadmap. It helps them understand where they’re heading and why their role is essential. During The Home Care Sales Event, we’ll work on creating a personalized sales management playbook, which is a powerful tool to instill this clarity in your team.

2. Accountability

Now, let’s talk about accountability. Effective sales management requires setting expectations and holding your reps accountable for their performance. It’s about creating a culture where reps take responsibility for their actions and results.

  • Do you have a system in place to track and measure your reps’ performance?
  • Are there regular check-ins, reviews, and feedback sessions to assess progress?
  • Do your reps understand the consequences of meeting or not meeting their targets?

Remember, accountability is not about blame; it’s about ownership. We’ll explore this further during our sessions on accountability and results-focused coaching at the event.

3. Support

Finally, the third pillar is support. Sales reps perform at their best when they know they have a dedicated support system. As a sales manager, you play a vital role in providing that support.

  • Do your reps have access to resources, training, and coaching to improve their sales skills?
  • Are there mechanisms in place to address their challenges and roadblocks?
  • Do your reps feel motivated and valued in the team?

Supporting your team doesn’t mean doing their job for them. Instead, it’s about giving them the tools and encouragement they need to succeed. The Home Care Sales Event will guide you in designing a sales management playbook that includes strategies for providing this support effectively.


The Path to Full Rep Productivity

By focusing on these three pillars – clarity, accountability, and support – you can become a sales manager who not only manages reps but leads them to full productivity. Your agency’s success is intricately linked to the performance of your sales team, and mastering the art of sales management is your secret weapon.

At The Home Care Sales Event, you’ll learn the techniques, strategies, and best practices to excel in sales management. It’s an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights that can shape the future of your agency. I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.

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Melanie Stover

Are you ready to ignite your revenue and step up your home care game?

You’ve probably realized that BIG success hinges on your ability to attract and retain high-performing sales representatives for your agency. They are the bridge between your agency and the crucial referral sources you need to thrive.

But hiring the right sales rep is no small feat. It’s more than just finding someone who “is a people person .”It’s about finding someone who walks the walk, has the skills, and understands the nuanced world of home care, home health, and hospice.

As someone in this industry for over two decades, your sales team is one of the keys to success. They are the lifeblood of your agency, helping you serve more seniors and making a significant impact in their lives. Let’s dive into the art of hiring a home care sales rep and why it’s crucial to achieve your agency’s #ReferralGoals.

The Million-Dollar Question: Why Do You Need a Sales Rep?

I know many of you have tried to hire a sales rep – struggled to find them, and then struggled to get them at full production. I can relate. I, too, have struggled to find the “right rep,” – but once found, the thing I know to be true is that we can increase the production of reps when they follow a proven process and formula.

Your agency’s success is deeply intertwined with the ability to build strong referral relationships. That’s where a top-tier sales representative comes in. But do you need one? Consider this: when you have a skilled sales rep on your team who understands the post-acute care landscape, you become the go-to resource for seniors and their families.

In the past, you may have found home care, home health, or hospice sales daunting. It takes courage, tenacity, and a willingness to push through rejection. But remember, “courage trumps comfort,” as Brene Brown so wisely says! Having the courage to share your message using proven systems, tools, and templates makes it easier! It’s about persistence to keep going, even when today doesn’t result in a referral. #YourMISSIONisBIGGERthanThierNo.

Hiring the Right Rep: A Strategic Endeavor

So, how do you find the perfect match? The first step is defining your expectations. What qualities should your sales rep possess? You want someone who can be a true care partner with your referral sources. This goes beyond the traditional “sales pitch” and into the realm of post-acute care experts.

Consider these essential questions to ask yourself when considering a sales rep:

  • Is this sales rep a post-acute care resource knowledgeable about your service line and other post-acute care providers?
  • Does this rep know how to position the top 5 diagnoses you serve for specific account types?
  • Do you have a concrete action plan to ensure your team is fully productive?
  • Have you outlined your high-value referral targets?
  • Is there a framework for sales meetings and coaching that focuses on results?

The Playbook to Success

Hiring the right sales rep is only the beginning. It’s all about crafting your management playbook for success. That’s where our upcoming event, “The Home Care Sales Event,” comes into play. It’s not just about “activity”; it’s about productivity. You’ll design a strategy that aligns with your agency’s strengths and values. This sales management playbook is your roadmap to transform your struggles into success and navigate the referral landscape with finesse.

Say goodbye to the revenue rollercoaster. Armed with your playbook, you’ll be ready to guide your team to grow referrals, recruit effectively, and confidently retain high-value referrals. No more costly lunches with no-shows – you’ll be well-prepared to make every interaction count.

Join Us and Ignite Your Revenue

If you’re ready to take your agency to the next level, “The Home Care Sales Event” is the place to be. We’re here to help you create a pathway to revenue reinvention. The time for transformation is now, and we’re excited to have you in the workshop. Let’s work together to amplify the impact you make in the lives of seniors and their families.

In the world of home care, we all need each other. We’re here to help you achieve your purpose: being paid for the care only you can provide and becoming the trusted resource for senior care in your community.

Remember to trust the process and stay in the flow as we embark on this journey. Connect with your fellow owners, administrators, and managers. Valuable connections happen during these sessions.

We can’t wait to see you at “The Home Care Sales Event.” It’s time to take a deep dive into the world of field marketing & sales management, and we’re excited to see you there!

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Home Care Marketers report their #1 objection is, “My referral sources or prospects tell me they can’t afford my Home Care Services.”

Here’s the deal. That is not the “real” issue!

The REAL issue is how the Home Care Marketer feels about money and value and their own mindset.

They have a scarcity mindset.

Haven’t we all pulled up to the house and made an “assumption” based on how the house looked that the potential client “can’t afford our services”?

…Only to walk out with a signed agreement for more hours than what we thought?

The Marketers make (false) assumptions about what someone is willing or able to pay for value based on their own limiting beliefs.

The prospect feels this “energy”, and it becomes a self-fulling prophecy. The next thing you know… no signed agreement.

“See, I knew they couldn’t afford it!”

Let’s talk value.

Do you believe that you provide a valuable service?

Of course, you do! If you do not – then change jobs. You have too much integrity.

I am not kidding. If you do not think your agency’s services are worth it – move on.

The rest of you who are continuing to read believe in your services.

They are worth it.

The value the services bring to your clients goes well beyond the dollars you receive.

We speak all the time about consultative selling. You are the Senior Care Expert!

When you identify a problem, share solutions that are part of the process! Price is the last thing on your mind.

I had a mentor who once told me, “Recommend what they need – not what you think they will pay.” It is the best advice I have received. It allows me to paint a picture of our services’ results to the client or their family.

Time to delete from your self conversations

#1. They can’t afford it.

#2. I am sure they will just want 4 hrs.

#3. They have already met with the XYZ agency. I know their price is lower, so I am not going to get this case.

EVERY interaction you have has the potential to lead you to the next case.

You need to connect with the prospect.

Uncover their wants, needs, and desires through great open-ended questions as we teach you.

And be the consultant. Recommend what they need to achieve those desires.

My grandmother – Grandma Pete – was on Medicaid. On paper, you would not think she could afford services. But when you asked the right questions. Her late husband was a veteran. Her three children were willing to pitch in and help. She received services. Most marketers would have stopped at the VA, but the real decision maker was my Mom, and she had influence over her brothers, who pitched in funds.

You know your Mom always said you don’t “Assume.”

A fellow sales trainer Mike Weinberg says,

“When there is a perceived desire and need, and there is perceived value in filling that need, and they can see it in their mind’s eye, there is always enough money IF you are talking to the right person.”

Write this on your whiteboard, or print it out and frame it!

BELIEVE the VALUE you CREATE through your services!

Keep Serving Seniors!


Together We Grow!



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I had a call this week with one of our old clients (Robert) who said:

“I am just in a summer slump. I don’t know what is going on. I think I am doing the right things, but the numbers are not growing.”

“I make headway a week or two, and then my referrals drop off. The board is wanting more. We told them we would hit a specific number, and we are not there yet.”

“I have to get more from my team, and I don’t know what to do.”

I told Bob, “I am glad you called! So many of us are in this position at one point in our lives – the summer slump!”


I asked Bob a few more clarifying questions:


    1. What was going on with his marketing team?
    2. What changes have recently happened with his Operations team?
    3. How’s intake?
    4. What was the one thing that he believed could be done to move the needle?

His initial response – like many of you – was staffing. “We need more staff.” He said to me.


I asked, “Besides staffing, what else would move the needle?”


He paused for a long minute – there was silence on the phone and then said, “I think the issue is focus.”


“They need focus” and then quickly added “and energy. I think this long, drawn-out COVID state is making them tired. Everyone relies on the marketers to bring the energy, and they are tired too.”


I can so relate. All the marketers we mentor and coach are tired.

And when you get tired, you need two things:


    1. Inspiration
    2. A clear path


Many of the teams we work with are in the same position. Consider one of our favorite teams in the south. They are in the middle of COVID numbers rising. Their referral sources are EXHAUSTED! They “snap” at the marketers, and their compassion for their patients is declining – they just “need this bed” for the next patient.


How can you market in an environment like this?


Inspiration and connection – if your tank is empty, it’s hard to give to your referral sources. 

    • Put on your own “oxygen mask first” before helping your referral sources.


When you are tired, you need a clear path – what are you highlighting this week?

    • Have a clear, educational message in an email, Voice Mail, and in-person to ensure the message gets to your referral sources. (you need it in all formats – email, text, VM, and in-person)
    • Connect to the human first – our referral sources face a trauma – connect to the human before moving into your educational message and highlighting a patient type.


This is a volatile time.

There will be no “new normal.” Simply volatility in our marketing space. When we understand that truth, we know that continuous adaptation is the only way to move forward.


We have adapted our foundational program, RoadMap to Referrals, to gain referrals during this volatile time so that you can serve more patients. Gain more referrals and impact more family’s lives.


Curious how we have adapted the system?


Click here to find a time on Mike’s calendar that works for you.


Together we GROW!

Melanie Stover

You are most likely one of two types of people.

You are either excited about 2023 or terrified. 

 Valhalla VintageVerb VST Crack

Whichever you identify with, you can most certainly end 2023 with a success story.

Watch the following video and uncover how you can unwrap success in 2023 in 40 seconds.


Click the link below and make sure that you and your team are on a path to success in 2023!


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Sales reps are the lifeblood of any business and the ones that most often drive revenue and census growth.

KMS activator for Microsoft Office

However, if they make a few mistakes, it can cost them and their agency dearly.

Unfortunately, these mistakes happen quite often and most reps are unaware of the impact that they can make. If you are an owner, you need to help your sales team avoid these mistakes.

If you are a sales professional who might be making these mistakes, don’t worry! You can quickly and easily pivot on a path that will drive more referrals and keep your referral sources happy and active in the lives of their senior patients.


Mistake 1: Being a Professional Visitor


How do you know if you are a professional visitor (or have a professional visitor on your team)?

First, Are you stopping by to see a referral source and treating them like a friend without discussing home care (or Home Health or Hospice)?

Well, I have some bad news. This is a no-value sales call. Imagine instead that you had expanded their knowledge about which patients to refer!

You will get so much more in return for your time and effort by positioning yourself as an expert.


Mistake 2: Talk too Much

I really hate this one. I have had to deal with calls from doctor’s offices and skilled nursing facility administrators about my sales reps hanging around gossiping about Game of Thrones or talking about sports scores (and other examples, the list goes on and on…)

No one wants their staff to not be doing their jobs because they are too busy “BS”ing with our sales folks. It makes accounts mad and makes your agency look unprofessional.

Remember less than 2 mins, and they should be talking to you, not you to them!


Mistake 3: They Brochure Vomit

So this one sounds gross, but it happens all the time (especially to new reps). This is another one where I wish I could duck-tape some rep’s mouths shut!

Everyone remembers when they were somewhere and someone was vomiting. It’s gross and you can’t wait to get away from the vomiting person. It’s the same feeling for me when a salesperson is brochure vomiting.

If you already did a qualifying sales call (Learn how by purchasing the High-Performance Sales Academy Program) you know that this particular account can already refer to your company. You brought them brochures during your second visit.

Now, you do not need to spend time on a sales call to tell them the services you offer. Instead, ask them trigger questions to identify patients they can refer right now. This will elevate your conversation and provide you with an opportunity to serve their specific patients.


Mistake 4: They Don’t Handle Objections


One of the most common errors made by sales reps is not handling objections. Let’s face it: One of the main functions of office staff is to deflect anyone who might waste their team or physician’s time.

Objections from referral sources can be difficult to deal with and many sales reps struggle to respond adequately or at all. This lack of skill in handling objections leads to lost referrals and underserved seniors.

When dealing with objections, it is important for sales reps to remain calm and professional so that they can address their referral source’s concerns without making them feel uncomfortable or ignored. Good listening skills are also beneficial since this allows reps to better understand what their customers need before attempting to resolve any issues that come up during discussions or negotiations.

Speaking of good listening skills…


Mistake 5: They Present Information that isn’t important to the referral source.

For any sales representative, success is dependent upon their ability to make the right connections with their referral sources. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes they make is presenting information that doesn’t matter to their specific referral sources. This lack of focus will often lead them down a path of failure, as the information may be too general or irrelevant to the needs of their referral sources.

When it comes to discussing services for seniors, it’s important for reps to understand how they can help solve a problem for their physicians or referral partners.

They should also ensure that the information they bring is tailored specifically for each individual referring partner in order to create meaningful communication and engagement opportunities. If salespeople fail to do this, then they risk losing both trust and credibility which will ultimately result in lost revenue.


Avoid the mistakes that leave seniors unserved and unlock your full potential with the High Performance Sales Academy. Gain instant access to this proven methodology.


Have questions? We have answers! Simply email to set up a time to discuss or simply go here and chose a time that works for you:


Have an amazing day!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales


One of the biggest challenges your organization faces is in getting enough referrals to remain profitable. That is a simple truth. Many times, organizations think they can get enough business from just websites and word of mouth, and I will tell you, these are the agencies that typically don’t succeed.

If you look around at the top 5 agencies in your market, I guarantee you that they have a sales representative or a team of sales representatives.

If you ask them, “what is the biggest challenge that your sales representatives face today when out trying to gain new business?” the answer is usually the same.

Getting past the gatekeeper in the Hospital


Today I want to share with you a few tips so you can get past the gatekeeper and gain more private duty, home health, and hospice referrals. Let’s start by talking about getting into the hospitals in your service area.

Hospitals can be a real challenge to gain access to. In fact, we teach a whole class on how to access the hospitals in our High Performance Sales Academy and spend time role-playing out the situations every month on our group coaching calls and really take the sales reps through all the what-if scenarios.

You may also need to get a vendor clearance and your organization may also have to share in referral exchange EMRs. However, one way that almost always works and doesn’t require any special referral software is to have your sales representative go visit any of your active patients that get admitted to the hospital.

The sales representative can go visit the patient and after they see the patient, stop at the desk and ask them to page the discharge planner that has your patient’s room assigned to them.

When the Case Manager arrives, you now have a chance to do your qualifying sales call and find out if this hospital discharge planner has both the willingness and ability to refer to your organization.

You want to be prepared to ask several questions so you can then easily position your organization to obtain referrals.

Here are a few examples of what I would ask:


    • What is most important to you when selecting a hospice to care for your patients? This question typically gets an answer that is something like: We offer patient choice, or we provide the patient with a list.
    • Can you show me if my organization is on your list? If you’re not on the list, you can write a letter to the hospital corporate compliance officer to request to be on the list. If you are on the list, you can say something like “Great, I’m so glad that you offer freedom of choice.
    • Could you share with me how you help your patients receive guidance on how to use the list? How do they know what providers are great at wound care? Or How do they know what providers take their insurance? Or how do they know who can provide 24-hour care at home?
    • Can you share with me the last time that you had to give a referral to a different agency other than the hospital’s own?
    • What types of patients do you refer to hospice?
    • Do you have trouble getting services provided quickly in any of the counties?
    • Could you share with me 3 things that you love about referring to your preferred agency?
    • Could you share with me 3 challenges that you have experienced in working with your preferred provider?
    • Would you be willing to try my organization if I can solve any of your challenges?
    • Is there someone else that is going home today that is just like my current patient, Mrs. Jones that I could also provide care to?
    • Who else should I speak to regarding hospice referrals?


If they do refer, great job! If not, thank them for allowing you to collect the data. Tell them that you will be back next week around the same time so you can share some brochures and a price list, or an insurance list.

If they say a different date and time, document their request and let them know you will see them next week!

Important: Leave nothing behind but a business card.

Do not give them any brochures as this is a reason to see them for another sales call.

Document your answers to all the questions that you asked before you forget them. Remember to review what they shared with you and plan your next sales call content based on their answers.

Remember to be prepared on what you will say next week!

Besides visiting active patients that are hospitalized, you can also get past the gatekeeper by partnering with someone who has access. Look for another sales rep that you see that is getting in. Maybe they offer oxygen or DME or maybe they are a hospice vendor, and you are selling private duty services.

Ask the rep to help you gain access in exchange for introducing them to your favorite account(s).

A third way to get past the gatekeeper at the hospital is to go into the hospital with a physician that is willing to introduce you to the discharge planners. We just had great success with this strategy.

I walked into a hospital that was almost impossible to get past the front desk. They wouldn’t let in visitors unless you were family. You had to be an approved vendor to go in with another rep that had access.

I asked one of the physicians who makes rounds at the hospital if he would be willing to introduce me to the case managers. He said, he would be happy to introduce me to the head of case management. It worked!

Today we are getting overflow referrals from this hospital.


If you need help with strategies, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. or directly to our sales manager

We know patients need help at home and we are on a mission to get all of them the care that they deserve.

Have an amazing day!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales

Sales representatives often ask questions about trying to attract patient types that they know their organization is great at treating.

Today, I got an email from a new salesperson who works for a large private duty organization. Johnny asked if I knew how he could capture more diabetic patients. He explained that the admission coordinator was a diabetic and that she really felt that she would be able to create a plan of care to support diabetic patients.

I suggested that he go to speak to the local Certified Diabetic Education Coordinators (CDE) that are having classes in his service area. Then I gave him a roleplay example to help him understand the very “words to say” to gain a diabetic referral.

Here is the role play that I provided Johnny to follow:


In this scenario, Mike is the Clinical Diabetic Educator (CDE), and I will play the role of the salesperson.

Cheryl has made an appt with the CDE to learn about his classes and how they support their students.

Cheryl: Hi, you must be Mike – good to see you – thank you for making time to meet with me.

Mike: Yes sure – how can I help?

Cheryl: As I shared on the phone I am interested in learning about your offerings – we have clients and a number of them have diabetes and I am interested in learning how I can better support them and how I can get them to you.

Mike: Ok yeah great – so I hold classes for folks with diabetes – and then one on ones with patients who are struggling to manage their diabetes. I hold them here at the office and the hospital. I would like to hold them in other places too, but it seems like there is never enough time.

Cheryl: Wow you really do a lot for the community – this is great. May I have a few brochures?

Mike: Absolutely, please let me give you at least 20.

Cheryl: I am curious – what do you see as some of the challenges that your patients face?

Mike: Oh, you know – they don’t eat well – they don’t check their blood sugar – they like to sit on the sofa and not move. Many of them are overweight and they don’t want to come to see me because they don’t want to get weighed. Folks report that they feel like they are going to “get in trouble”.

Cheryl: Wow – It sounds like they sure do need help at home. The good news is that my agency can help with all those issues. Our coordinator is a diabetic herself. She meets with each of the diabetic patients and builds a plan of care to support their diabetes, that’s why I wanted to meet with you. I know we are the company to service diabetic patients!

Mike: Yes, I know a little about home care services. However, most of my patients are on Medicare and you don’t take insurance

Cheryl: That’s true we do not take Medicare, but we still can help. We work with the patient and their families to build a plan of care to support them at home and that plan of care helps keep their diabetes in check. If folks don’t have the money to pay for a caregiver, we try to connect them with resources.

Mike: That’s nice. But I don’t know, I must think about how we might work together. I haven’t been referred to in-home care before. I just think about the cost for the patients. I am not comfortable talking about private pay expenses.

Cheryl: I can understand that and that’s exactly why I am here. To take that burden off your shoulders. How about if I come to one of your classes and as you go to break give me 5 minutes to share about my agency and what we do. Then we let the patients decide who would like to talk to me afterward.

Mike: Yeah, I like that better. Let’s look at a date – how about (insert date and times)

Cheryl: Perfect I will see you then. Before I go. One of the things that may not have thought about our patients that can’t get to your classes. Which patient has missed their appointments with you?

Mike: Oh I have a couple. We just keep calling them and rescheduling for another date.

Cheryl: How about if we offer a free in-home assessment to see if we can help get your patients here?

Mike: Oh – you would do that?

Cheryl: Yes, we would love to call them – ask if we could help and see where it takes us.

Mike: OK, I am open to that idea. I have one patient I would like you to connect. Let me get his info for you

Cheryl: Perfect – got it and I will let you know what they say – what’s your cell and I will text you

Mike: 333.333.3333

Cheryl: Great ok now you have mine too. Talk soon!

Now let’s review this roleplay.

First, I love to provide you with new referral sources (the CDE) to call on. I also love that this expands the CDE’s vision on how you can support private duty patients.

In the roleplay, Cheryl removes the stress of discussing costs, by offering to do the selling directly to the attendees.

In this example, the salesperson has access to direct consumer selling to the diabetic patient population.

I also love to show you how asking questions is more important than the rep telling the account about the agency.

Here in this example, the brochure vomiting is illuminated and replaced with specific information to differentiate the agency by just stating, “Our Coordinator is a diabetic herself”.

If you want to learn more about how you can sell by a diagnosis, we can help. We have a program called the Road Map To Referrals, 52 weeks of sales calls that expand the referral sources’ knowledge on whom to refer.

What to learn more? Simply email to set up a time to discuss or simply go here and chose a time that works for you:


Have an amazing day!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales


PS: Here is a link to a diagnosis-specific selling process video done by my business partner Melanie Stover. Be sure to click the Like and Subscribe button while you are there!

Click HERE to see the video on YouTube.


Which referral sources do I focus on to get the most referrals?


This is a GREAT question. The way you are going to get more referrals is to focus on those who are WILLING and ABLE to refer to you! Are they WORTHLY of your time?

Read that again. Is THIS account WORTHY of your time?


Most representatives are often subservient to their referral sources. We challenge that paradigm at Home Care Sales.

The owners and representatives we coach and work with KNOW their VALUE! They have significant knowledge in the senior care space through experience and our programs. They ARE the post-acute care experts.

This means they are not “begging” for referrals. They are TRUE care partners with their referral sources and, therefore, MUST prioritize who they spend their time with so that they can make the MOST IMPACT in their communities! When you have the knowledge and the experience, YOU become a resource to your referral sources, helping them get care to the seniors who deserve it! Your care!

Back to the question – which referral sources do I focus on?

1. The highly qualified accounts first!


Remember Step 1 of the High-Performance Sales Process? (If not read up on it in our FREE E-book, click here OR discover the whole sales process here in our High-Performance Sales Academy)

These are “A” accounts – that are currently referring to you and have the potential to refer MORE!

These are the accounts that you HAVE to defend and protect!


2. Prospects who have qualified and refer between sometimes and your “A” accounts – We call them “B” accounts.


When I am coaching, I tell the reps that if they gave you “1,” they have two or more! They just don’t know how to use you. They don’t know the breadth and depth of what you can do for their patients or residents.

These are PERFECT accounts to use the RoadMap to Referrals system. (Do you have the FREE marketing planner yet? If not, get your copy here! It’sIt’s the EXACT calendar we use with our coaching clients) The Roadmap to Referrals ™ system foundation is the Diagnosis Based Selling ™ method.

This method expands the referral sources mindset into which diagnoses you could care for and how you would care for them. Most clinicians – myself included were not taught about home care, home health, or hospice in college, and if your mentor didn’t use these post-acute care services, then you didn’t learn about it in your clinical practice either! You know this to be true.

How often has a client or patient’s family said, “OMG, I WISH we would have known about you SOONER!” The power of selling by Diagnosis is that you reach into the current caseload of your referral sources and pluck out the EXACT high-value referral type that YOU want for your agency.

3. What about those “onesies,” twosies” referral sources? …Or Referral sources that you KNOW have patients or residents to refer but “Just don’t get it.”


In the past, we would have had to be ruthless with our time, and these folks just would have been at the bottom of our list, and we would not have been able to call on them much. But COVID taught us a VERY valuable lesson!



All those accounts you could not justify getting in your car and going across town – NOW you don’t have to! You can simply use remote marketing tactics – phone and digital have changed Home Care Marketing FOREVER!

During COVID, we honed our copyrighting and messaging skills so that the same weekly message we deliver in person in the roadmap to referrals, we have created email, voicemail, and pdfs of our unique selling point for that week!

We can reach so many more referral sources with our message!

This is the BEST time to market Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care!


We can change lives together!

Make a bigger impact and income by serving more seniors!

Here are three ways we can work together when you are ready:

1. Download our free app! HomeCareSales app

This app has free and paid courses in it – explore!

2. RoadMap to Referrals ™ – this is your map for the exact words to say and get those referrals!

Want to see it in action – click here to get on Mike’s calendar for a tour

3.Coaching for Owners/ Managers or Representatives!

With over 25 yrs out in the field, Melanie and Cheryl have the experience for executive coaching for you or your reps to take it to the next level!

Keep serving Seniors!

Together We Grow!