Plot: A long time ago, Eria was a single world with a developed civilization. But three hundred years ago, a meteor shower devastated the planet, decimating the population. The collapse of the central government and the world state led to the birth of new factions that rebelled against each other.

In this game, you play as a prisoner with no name or memory, who unwittingly finds himself embroiled in one of these conflicts. From the very beginning, the player has to choose which faction to join: the Safarans, a paramilitary organization that invaded the eastern lands, or the Au’draki, an alliance of feudal lords, the ancient rulers of these lands (Safarans only). the route is currently available). in stock).

Walking through the eastern lands, the main character will have to dispel the fog around his past, he must learn to make his own way in the world and create his own destiny.

Description: The game is structured like a typical 2D visual novel with RPG elements and some “open world” elements. The game has a typical RPG development system (leveling, experience, strength, agility, etc.), inventory, and a quest log.

Once the player reaches the first chapter, they can explore the various cities of the game, interact with characters, complete main, side, and hidden missions, and fight against creatures, people, etc.

At the start of the game, the player can choose which faction to join. Each faction has a distinct story, so players’ choices will result in different events, encounters, and ways to approach the game. The choice of faction will even affect the hentai side, leading the player to different encounters and sexual approaches.

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