Many times, I get asked what kind of work I do for a living, and my quick response is, “I work in sales”. 

So many times, I get a sideways glance like oh, that kind of job.  You know the look. One of disapproval or disgust as they are reminiscing about their bad experience with a used car salesman. I quickly add on, just as the smirk is forming on their lips, “Yep, I am a superhero”. 

The smirk quickly transcends to a look of inquisition. 

I then explain. I work as a sales associate in the private duty, home health, and hospice industry.

I enlighten them, sharing that I do not really sell anything but that I get patients connected to the care and services that they need. I tell them every day, I fight a battle against ignorance for how our incredible industry can help people live the greatest health outcomes possible.  That without our health we have nothing! 

So basically, I am a superhero fighting to get patients the care they deserve.  It always pleases me when I see their faces transform from disgust to inquisition and finally to respect.

If you, my friends, work as a sales associate, you need to make sure you take the time every day to put on your superhero costume. 

The following tips will help you make your daily transformation:

  • Know you are never an interruption
  • Have a purpose for your sales call that brings value to the account
  • Ask to help someone! Currently, only 30% of sales associates ask for a patient referral every time
  • Remind yourself that if you are not teaching the social worker, case managers, doctors, and their office staff how you can benefit patients than they will never know

Many of you are our loyal fans who use our sales process, but we all need reminders that we are in control of our mindset. For those of you that need help or that need to learn how to transition from a meek sales associate to a superhero, we got you! 

Go check out We offer the High-Performance Sales Academy at an incredibly reasonable price.  The reason we almost give this away, is we know that right now, there are people, seniors, chronically ill, or disabled people, who need to be identified to receive services from you. 

We want you to transform into a superhero and get over 1 Billion patients serviced!  That is our mission, and together we can do anything! 

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”