Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

There are plenty of jobs these days, and candidates have the power to pick and choose. You need to make candidates feel wanted and enthusiastic about your company. Otherwise, they will quickly find another one that does.

The interview process now is as much about the potential employee sizing you up as you, sizing them up.

The world is getting faster. Your customers are expecting you to deliver yesterday, and your competition is quickening.

The best talent is used to moving quickly, and they want to work with ambitious, innovative, and fast-moving organizations. If you can’t hire quickly, not only do you lose time and money within the business, but you may also lose great candidates to more agile competition.

Worst of all, you will gain a reputation as slow-moving, bureaucratic, and backward thinking.


If you can’t keep up, you will find yourself at the back of the pack. If you know that your organization is slow-moving, for example, you place an ad to hire aides, and then the person who is responsible for reviewing the applicants is on vacation for a week, you probably wasted your money placing that ad.

I interviewed several RN’s and asked them what made them leave where they were working. The number one reason that nurses have left their place of employment is overworked. Having the nurses do too many patients visits per day makes them burn out fast.

So, what’s the solution?


Do we turn down business? What can you do to keep staff while you are trying to hire and orient new staff? How do you increase the speed of hiring?

These are the questions that we want to answer for you! That is why we created our Recruiting and Retention Program. You can buy our recruiting and retention program and get instant access right now!


Keep Helping, Keep Serving,

Cheryl Pelekis, RN “The Solutionist”