Opportunity, Community, Unity for Home Health, In-Home Care, and Hospice. Join the conversation and education with FREE live monthly HOT TOPICS!

We bring together Agency Leaders and Marketers to rise above the noise of competition and be seen as a professional care partner. So that we can create more impact and income together!

Inviting your community of providers will create the potential for more leverage and profitability

(Even if they are struggling with staffing or other challenges)

Home Health, In-Home Care, and Hospice Associations

Your providers and members count on you to provide them with tools and insights to help them stay competitive.

The Agency Amplify zoom series helps you achieve your member goals of quality education and discussion. This value added free training and discussion of best practices will elevate you as a resource to your community without the effort of pulling together webinars or roundtables each month on sales and marketing.

You already know that providing education and tools to your members each month is hard work and time consuming for your staff.

While there are a number of consultants and companies offering clinical or management guidance the number of options for professional sales and marketing training is much more scarce. 

The Agency Amplify series is your perfect solution!

We believe like you in the value of Home Health, Hospice and In- Home Care. 

It is also the “best kept secret”!  

Professional Marketers with the right high value patient educational message is the ANWERS to getting more seniors the care they deserve!!  Care in the Home!  

Join with us and elevate conversations! It takes a TEAM! Together we GROW! 

Discover The Series Details Below:

When is it?

The call is hosted on Zoom every second Tuesday of each month at:

10:00 AM Pacific

12:00 Noon Central

1:00 PM Eastern

Who is it for?

Owners, Managers, and Marketers to come together and discuss growth and share best practices working right now in agencies across the country.

How much does it cost?

It's totally FREE! – Home Care Sales offers space, facilitation, and education to support the industry we love.

We bring the fun (who doesn’t need more fun after these 3 years!) and prizes like gift cards to attendees for participating and engaging in the conversation!  If you are interested in joining the “prize wheel” - Let us know!  We are happy to include your “prize” in our awards and raffles!

What is the format?

  • 15 minutes of education and topic launch 
  • 45 minutes of roundtable discussion and collaboration with attendees
  • Inspiring you with new ideas to amplify your agency and GROW!

Want to check it out for yourself?

How do you get started?

  1. This is totally free for you and all other attendees. However, we would love to know who is sharing the event and look for ways to further collaborate. Email success@homecaresales.com and let us know that you are going to be a part of this. We will send you a custom link so we can keep track of who comes from your association and report that back to you! Additionally, we will send out some graphics you can share on social and some templated emails you can use if you like.
  2. The landing page to share is just like this one. Simply send your agencies, members, clients (or whatever you call them) to homecaresales.com/amp where they can sign up for the series. After they have signed up, we will email them a reminder or two as the call approaches.
  3. Please, feel free to participate as well! We'd love for you to be a part of the conversation. We recognize that you have so much to offer and we want to be there.

Guidelines for Agency Amplify: This zoom series is a safe place to forge relationships and share growth tactics. The only thing we ask is that there isn't SPAM in the chat with any type of sales pitches. You can build relationships and reach out to those in attendance after the event if you have their contact info, the goal is education, exchange and a safe space where our attendees do not feel like they are being bombarded by sales pitches.  

Mission of Agency Amplify

  • Connecting and Empowering Post Acute Sales & Marketing Professionals in a rapidly changing environment to achieve!
  • Doing well while doing good! –Benjamin Franklin
  • Values of Agency Amplify:

    • •Integrity
  • Together with you we are creating: Opportunity, Community, and Unity for Home Health, In-Home Care, and Hospice 

Who is Home Care Sales?

Melanie Stover, OT, MBA, MS/ISM

Melanie Stover brings an extensive clinical sales background to the organization. She has worked in various territories as a successful sales leader as well as a top producer.

Cheryl Peltekis, RN "The Solutionist"

Cheryl is an infectious leader in the Home Health and Hospice Industry. In 1995, Cheryl opened, built, and ran a multi-million dollar Medicare Certified and JACHO accredited Home Health and Hospice for over 20 years deficiency free!