This week I had the opportunity to launch a new Home Care representative.  Here’s the good part – they are AMAZING!

Here’s the bad part. It was -15 degrees when we were making Home Care sales calls.  And I look like the stay puff marshmallow man with a fur hood (see pic) 

Most of you know that I used to live in MN, so I should be used to the cold. I must have forgotten because it was REALLY COLD! I must have thought I would come back because I saved my big down parka from 10 years ago (THANK GOODNESS!)

Start with a “clean slate”


Step 1 of the sales process is to Identify and Qualify. Cheryl and I talk about this all the time – JUST because this account was not great for the “old” rep – that doesn’t mean its not an excellent account for the “new” rep!

Don’t assume that because you haven’t received a referral from them in the past 12 mos doesn’t mean they are not “worthy” of your time UNTIL YOU qualify them!  Such was the case at a Skilled Nursing Facility with Rehab and 53 unit Assisted Living Community. 

The previous rep assigned to the account had them ranked as a “D” in the CRM. In an A – D scale, this is considered a low value account.  The General Manager of the Home Care office thought it was worth another go. When we walked into the facility, we didn’t know where the social workers’ office was, but we had the name of the Social Worker from the past rep in the CRM.

The receptionist was tied up on the phone, but a CNA was walking by. I flagged her down and simply asked her – “Do you know Carlee?”  She said, “Yes, do you want me to take you to her office?”  YES, WE DO!

(Gatekeeper tactic – if someone else can help you – ASK!) 

Carlee was willing to spend “2 minutes for five questions” – and it worked just like it was one of our videos in the High-Performance Sales Academy! Andrew was able to ask his questions. 

Then he got to question #3: 

Who is your preferred provider?” 

She gave him an answer that was not his agency. 

That response is common, but the Follow-up question was the Key:

“Tell me about a time when you had to refer to another agency?” 

She said, “Well, I have one right now…  Can you believe it?  She had a patient right then who needed services, and of course, we took it! It was like we were living in the High-Performance Sales Process Book!

This was a great reminder – just because they were a “dead end” in the past doesn’t mean they will always be a “dead end” for your Home Care Marketer! 

You have to be “hearty” to go Home Care Marketing in the middle of MN -15 in February, but we LOVE Home Care and providing education is key to getting patients the care they deserve, so its WORTH IT!

Hats off to all you who market home care day in an day out in freezing weather!










Together we GROW!

Serve more seniors!



Start the car and CLEAR ALL the windows – do not make “peep” holes! – I know you want to get going but safety first!