Sales work process

This week one of my clients?had me come to their organization to see what their sales representatives were doing on sales calls. The sales representatives were asked to take me to an account that they would most likely get their next home health referral from. The AE was excited to introduce me to the first account. When we arrived at a large family practice, I was pleasantly surprised by how well received the AE was with the staff. Her skills of building the relationship and getting past the gatekeepers were better than most AEs that I have seen in the field. I was getting excited because I could see that she had already established a great relationship with the account.

About a minute after we arrived, the doctor appeared?at the front desk and as soon as he saw my AE he came around the desk and gave her a friendly smile and a warm greeting. My blood was pumping now because I was thinking ?Yes, this is going to be such a great account for the AE. Look at her with her smooth savvy ways. She had this account eating out of her hands.?

This was so much fun! I love seeing an AE own an account. I loved to see that this AE had won over and knew the name of every person that she made eye contact with. Good for her! Then, the doctor asked the AE, “Tell me, did you go and make sure you were on the list of providers at XYZ, and ABC, and DEF facilities?” My AE proudly said, ?Yes, doctor. We are on everyone?s lists!?

The AE next took out her monthly observance flyers (Yeah! My brain screamed, she is following her 52-week sales plan). She asked permission to replace them and she was told surely. She then walked to the bin that was kept right next to the check-in counter. It said to grab one for all the patients and family members. Again, I was impressed by how the AE was getting the agencies information out in front of every patient and family member.

Now, this is where the AE took a nosedive. She said, ?Okay, it was great to see you,? as she prepared to end the call. I quickly jumped in and I said to the doctor, “Dr. Jones (not real name), could you please tell me how many patients you refer each week?” Now I was hoping for a high number, I was yelling in my mind, ?Please say 5 a week.? Guess what he said? I don’t refer any patients. My patients get referred to the hospital or SNF when they get discharged. I then asked, “Would you like to learn how we could potentially get a patient on services before they end up in the hospital?” He said, “Oh no, I can’t be bothered with all that. I am not interested in learning anything else.? We said our goodbyes and the doctor quickly went into an exam room.

The reason I share this story?is I found out in 2 mins that this AE, thought that this was going to be the next account that would refer, would never refer! If only this AE was following the sales process!

Step one is to qualify the account. Is this account willing and able to give you a referral? I had the AE open her computer, go into her CRM and remove the account from her weekly call list. I had her put them on for 3 months from now for another qualifying visit because maybe something will happen by then that will change the mind of this doctor, or his partners. (BTW, we did speak with his partner too, and he didn’t refer either).

This AE did such a great job with relationship building but she wasted 6 months of resources, the most valuable one being her time, on an account that would never refer!

Sales process works!?With structure comes freedom! Learn more about our High-Performance Sales Process by visiting? Email me if you have any questions, or if you want me to do a ride along day with your team. You may be quite surprised by what we learn!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN ?The Solutionist?

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales