Sales call

Nothing is more frustrating for a home care marketing manager than knowing that a sales rep is relentlessly trying to increase sales conversions but failing consistently.
Are your sales reps visiting the same referral sources since the last few months?

Have they been using lines such as, “just wanted to see if you’ve got a referral for me” or “just checking in”? All of these tactics most often fail to convert. The solution is straightforward yet often overlooked. Pre-planning is the key to converting a sales call into a meeting, like a pro! Pre-planning is difficult and also seems counter-intuitive to nearly every sales professional. However, in most cases, it can turn the tables for a struggling rep.

So, before they make their next no-value visit, ask them to follow these 4 steps and change the game:??

  1. Determine which diagnosis to focus on
  2. Write down key notes about the diagnosis, so they have a clear understanding of it
  3. Justify how your services can benefit patients/clients with dx
  4. Determine how to ask for the referral (present trigger questions)

This information will empower your sales reps to go from just another cold call to a resource that has a solid reason to stop by week after week. They will always have something to share and to add value, when they will focus on patients, instead of seeing it as just another quota.

And, if gathering all this information and rolling it out to your sales force seems like a daunting task, don’t worry. We have you covered with a ready-to-implement 52 Week Plan. Get in touch with us to discover more.

As a bonus, we also have a 52-week plan “Complete” where we customize flyers for you. We also offer a monthly coaching webinar to train your sales reps about what to sell with the exact steps that will drive referrals and help you grow your home health care agency business.

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