Join this exclusive 4 part webinar series designed to help owners and managers of Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care Agencies maximize their sales/marketing impact while minimizing the effort required. 

April 5th: Setting a Solid Foundation

  1. Interviewing and hiring sales Reps. 
  2. Develop your Pre-Interview checklist
  3. Post Interview Checklist development
  4. Sales Rep Canidate Evaluation form will be taught and sample provided.
  5. Getting Ready or Orientation.

June 7th: Expectations for Success

  1. Develop Your Expectation Document.
  2. Onboarding New Sales Rep checklist, How to build yours and example provided.
  3. Week 1-5 for a new sales rep, what they look like and ideas for successful first month!

August 9th: Driving Growth in the First 90 Days

  1. First 90 days for Success
  2. High- Performance Sales Process

October 4th: Metrics and Management

  1. Sales Metrics that matter
  2. KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
  3. Business Planning
  4. Quarterly business Reviews

* Each call will be around 90 mins. After the live call, replays will be provided to attendees. There will be supplemental downloads, templates, and more available during the calls and in the replay section. 

Each meeting takes place at:

9:00 AM Pacific

11:00 AM Central

12:00 Noon Eastern

Calling all Owners/Administrators/Sales Managers

It is time to Revolutionize your sales management programs!


Should I hire a salesperson?

I need to do a better job at Interviewing Sales Reps.

Critical first 90

I need help to create a 90-day plan to succeed.

I need an expectation document and a way to measure success over the first 90 days.

Ads for talent

I need a good ad, a job description, and an evaluation form.

I need help to improve my sales reps’ results.

Support my team

I want to ensure that my rep is growing the referrals they get each month.

I need roleplaying scripts to work with my reps.

This is for you if you ever feel like:

Prepare to have all those problems solved and MORE!

The Wait is over! Home Care Sales is starting a new Sales Manager/Administrator/Owner Training Series!

Topics Include:


Very few things are as vital as how you are represented in the community. We'll show you some tricks to get the right talent. 


They signed the job offer, now what?! Discover the best practices for onboarding as well as a few overlooked gems that can set your team up for success.

Coaching for Success

A great coach can make or break a team. We'll show you how to help your team reach thier best potential.

Sales Planning and Targeting using data

Data has become one of the best tools in a sales manager's arsenal. However, many simply don't know how to use it. Don't worry, we got you!

How to run successful sales meetings

A great sales meeting can boost your sales team's results. We'll show you what works.  

How to Execute the Quarterly Review

Keep your sales team driven and striving for success.

Free Templates and Q&A 

Printable and reusable templates and a Q&A at the end of each session to get ALL your questions answered

How to actually make a CRM work for you

CRM Tips to allow you to manage while you sleep! **

** We will show how Trella Marketscape CRM helps us manage sales teams effortlessly. Trella Marketscape Insight Data gives you an insiders advantage and a peak under the hood of other agencies and accounts - discover how we use this advantage to build strategic sales plans.

Seats are limited to ensure a workshop environment. Secure yours now!

Get your spot today for just $97 and discover how to get next level results from your sales and marketing team.