As a leader and Coach of private duty, home health, and hospice services, I am on a mission of getting patients post-acute care in their home. Some of you know that we had our Growth Summit a few weeks ago, and so many people have asked us to have another one, so we are!? This time, we are doing a Virtual Growth Summit.? You can learn more here.

You can also check out what people said about the growth summit below! Jason does a great job on capturing attendees’ stories at these events.

Today, in my blog post I wanted to share with you a question that I get asked from CEO?s all the time about what a sales rep should and shouldn?t do when out selling hospice, private duty services, and skilled home health. Recently, I was asked by an owner, “Should my sales associate be spending time calling bingo at senior centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Assisted Living Facilities?”

My answer isn?t an easy yes or no. You see, every sales representative that I have been blessed to coach or work with each approach these accounts differently. Some reps use this account to fill up their schedule and call this community outreach. If your rep has that mind set, then you have the wrong rep or you must impact their mind set to get it to evolve to one that produces referrals. If the rep just goes in, calls bingo, gives out the prizes, and says “see you next month,” there is no real value of your sales representative?s time.

However, if the rep goes to call bingo at the senior center and asks the coordinator “who didn?t show up for lunch this week?” You can actually see an impact. If the rep gets their names and phone numbers – now you have a rep that uses the bingo to get referrals!

The rep may also ask who missed coming over the last few weeks because of a hospitalization or ask the coordination, ?has any one of the seniors had a change in their health?? This again will allow you to see if the rep is using this opportunity to get referrals or if they are using this to do some non-selling activities.

Ask your rep the following question:

Today when you go to call bingo at the ALF how will you walk out the door with a referral in your hand?

Listen to their response. They may have a plan. If they don?t have one, help them make one. Help them to provide direct consumer Marketing to those seniors in attendance. You can ask them directly if they need your services. I?ll give you an example.

Imagine I’m selling private duty services, or hospice services:

I have this cute missing person?s poster that says “Missing, Mrs. Jones, she is a 75-year-old patient who can?t get to bingo!”? She is my friend and I wish someone would help her get up and dressed and bring her to the senior center. I miss her. I read the poster and I ask them, “do you have anyone that is just like Mrs. Jones?”

Who known?s someone that probably needs help at home and yet for one reason or another no one is helping them? As they put up their hands, make your way toward them with one of your brochures. Ask them to write the persons name and room number if they live in the ALF building.? After the event your sales representative can go check in on them.

Here is a home health example:

Before I begin calling bingo, I would ask the audience the following questions. “Who, by a showing of hands has gone to the doctor?s this month?” Make note of who raised their hands. Ask the audience another question: “Did any of you here today have a change in any of the medications that you were taking this last month?” Again, make note of who raised their hands.

Ask one last question before we call bingo. “Did anyone have a fall, or near fall since I was last here calling bingo?” Make a note of who raised their hand. Now, you have a reason to have a conversation with these folks to see if home health is needed.? Remember, you need to know why Medicare pays for home health services.? That information can be found here.

Always ask your sales associate, “what is your plan on how to get referrals from doing an activity” and if they need help to figure it out you have Home Care Sales to help you. We have amazing group coaching programs, High Performance Sales Training and Fast Track Orientation programs to help your organization grow.


Cheryl “The Solutionist” Peltekis, RN