2020 has been a tough year for many agency owners.

Owners have faced so many challenges related to the Corona Virus, and the constant changes being made to regulations. It’s almost impossible to keep up! As an agency owner, I feel it is my duty to share with you what has been my salvation during difficult times.

The secret to keeping my sanity has been my ability to network with other agency owners. I’ve been able to brainstorm and create internal processes, obtain shortcuts to success, and build a network of friends that speak my language. The Home Care Sales Mastermind program has been an incredible asset to organizations just like mine (and yours) around the county.

During the pandemic, Home Care Sales quickly jumped in and delivered a way for our mastermind members when they had to find referrals to replace the consistent flow from their facility accounts that seemingly dried up overnight.

Home Care Sales is not just a sales consultant team. We are a living and breathing organization that must face the everyday challenges that working in post-acute care provides us! That is why we quickly evolved our products from an outside sales force to an inside sales force. Now we also must evolve our Mastermind Program as well. We must forget about gathering in-person for mastermind retreats for the time being to solve our industry problems amid Covid-19 and provide agency growth through our mastermind meetings in new creative ways.

All the changes that we have endured for 2020 have led to exciting new ways of growing our companies and connecting with our members!

I want to share some of the success that mastermind members have received by working with us at Home Care Sales:

  • One of our clients has opened a whole new business line!
  • Another client has finally developed the sales team that his company was lacking.
  • Another client NOW owns multiple organizations throughout several states!
  • Another client has produced revenue numbers that they only dreamed existed! (check our video below for more info)

You see working within a group of open-minded thinkers has allowed our members to really dive in and learn, support, and consult with one another. Our members can accomplish more in one year than many others who try to go it alone.

This year we know you need support! We have it for you! We bring experts to our Mastermind Members to guide them through tough leadership discussions. Check out what some of our Mastermind Members have said about participating in our group! 

Our Mastermind members get access to our vault of products, tools, and consulting Rolodex! Additionally, we meet with our teams monthly and share a peek in the vault of products available to make your life easier.

Whether you need help starting outpatient therapy programs, or new inventive ways to get your agency noticed at hospital systems (July our special consultant will share just how she broke into hospital systems), or maybe you need to figure out hiring and retention. We have what you need to get it done.

To learn more go to http://homecaresales.com/mastermind/.

You can watch our mastermind interview. Our program isn’t based on your revenue, it is based on what you have accomplished and what you can contribute to the group members. If you feel lonely like many entrepreneurs, this exclusive home care, home health, and hospice agency mastermind group may be just the solution.