Just this past week I went out to breakfast at the Jersey Shore where outside dining is the only option. 

My family and I were seated next to 2 elderly women who were speaking quite loudly so that I (and really anyone within the dining area) could hear their conversation. I was not necessarily eavesdropping but I was fascinated and eventually joined in their conversation.

They shared that they were friends for several years. They had met each other at the local senior center.

They shared that they were both widows and had health issues that placed them in the extremely high-risk group for contacting Corona Virus and that today was their first time seeing each other for 4 months.

I asked them how the virus is impacting them and their friends.

This is what they shared with me:

  • Senior Centers Closed
  • Both live in ALF’s and no social gatherings including no group meals
  • All Groups and Volunteer opportunities canceled
  • Physicians do not want to see them because of the risk of exposure
  • No transportation from the ALF to shopping
  • No Family visiting because they are fearful to bring the virus to their loved ones

This is their new reality. I asked the ladies, what would they like to feel supported? They both said they would love for someone to help them with virtual health care. They do not have a computer or smartphone and that makes accessing health care a challenge.

They also would love to have at least more frequent telephone interactions with humans. They are lonely and feel depressed and have nothing to look forward to. They also said they would love to have an opportunity to do something to make a difference. They both volunteered about 20 hours a week before the pandemic and that gave them a sense of purpose.

I shared a cool resource I just came across called Telephone Topics. Telephone Topics is a call-in program featuring group discussions, lectures, meditation classes, and live performances — for seniors now confined at home and at risk of social isolation.

The entire encounter got me thinking, How many of our clients could really take a stance and do something for the good of their communities, and as a side effect, get some new clients?

Imagine if you had a Telephone Topics call for all your current or past patients? Set up a conference call line, grab some content, and invite your audience, and you will be bringing smiles to many seniors who are yearning for social connections. 

During your telephone topics, offer support to help with telemedicine visits, grocery ordering, or grocery shopping and delivery.

This is your time to shine.  To make a difference!  You can even find, someone like these two lovely ladies who are desperate for an opportunity to volunteer to help make the calls to invite attendees to your Telephone Topics calls!

Home Care Sales recently released a Telephone Topics program specific to our industry.  We provide the topics and the content, as well as an email script explaining the program and even slides to present. It’s called Community Calls.

Think of this product, as what you would present at a senior housing class or senior center health talk. We provide the topic and content, and of course, a call to action to get someone your services!

Watch the video below (be sure to turn the volume on) to see exactly what’s in the program and if you would like, reach out to mike@homecaresales.com to set up a quick demo.