I can still remember…

…back in 2009 when my organization had suffered 3 consecutive years of financial losses due to my competition winning referrals by building relationships with my referral sources. 

Many agencies today believe that they do not need to have a person who acts as a community liaison, salesperson, or account executive and my job is to make you see why you absolutely need to have a salesperson. 

I know right now you have so many things to worry about: 

  • Recruiting
  • Retention
  • Access to accounts
  • (and to top the list) Covid19 issues continue to impact all of us

That is why I am bringing this to your attention. I don’t want you to be so consumed with the daily frustrations of running your business that you add losing market share to the top of your list.

First, let us look at the number one reason that someone uses an agency today.

Many of our clients use an agency because they were highly recommended by someone. Who do you think are making these provider recommendations?

Sure, many of these recommendations come from a family member or friend but most often these recommendations are coming from a hospital discharge planner, physician, or a social worker at a rehab center. 

When the referral comes from the hospital discharge planner, physician, or social worker they are giving the referrals to organizations that they have a working relationship. These relationships typically get built from the agency’s sales executive.

Now, I know that some of you are as smug as I was, and you are saying to yourselves right now that won’t happen to me. My agency is the best. I am sure your organization does provide great services, but folks it happens to great agencies. You see, I had relationships with many wonderful physicians because I was a nurse working at the hospital before I started my agencies.  Those physicians drove referrals into the doors at my agency for a long time.

Until, one day, this sales associate from a competitive agency went to the doctor’s office and got a relationship with the referral girl at the doctor’s office. Bye-bye went my referrals. Same thing with the social worker at the buildings and the discharge planners at the hospitals.

In addition, patients choose certain providers because of involvement in the community or they get referred by their senior center staff (pre-COVID), dialysis centers, or an elder attorney.

  • How did these great referral sources decide to recommend their agency of choice?
  • Was it their star rating? 
  • Was it how long the company was is business? 

Probably not.

It was most likely related to a relationship that was developed by the agency’s sales associate.


You must nurture your relationships to keep them. If you are not working on maintaining these relationships weekly, someone else will be.

Now, I know many of you have no time to provide a new sales associate with a proper orientation, sales training, and continuously motivate and monitor their results. No worries!

Home Care Sales can help.

I wish that I had a company like Home Care Sales when I was in trouble back in 2009. In fact, the pain of almost losing my business is exactly why we bring you the products to make sure that you can grow your organization. We are on a mission to make sure that everyone who needs help at home gets referred for services. That is why we make the products, keep the cost down, and ensure that they are delivering results for our clients.

Please, if you need help growing, go email Mike@Homecaresales.com right now. He will help you select the exact product that you need to achieve growth and prevent account leakage.

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