This week I spent the day with 16 fantastic Home Care reps and Directors of Operations discussing the current landscape and changes in COPs and payments for some of our favorite friends and referral sources.

Home Care Sales in the time of:

  • PDPM – October 1, 2019
  • New COPs for the Hospitals and Discharge Planning
  • PDGM – January 1, 2020

The 4th Quarter is a perfect storm!

The theme:

In the chaos, there is an opportunity!

We already see “chaos.”

This week on coaching calls, I heard reps report out some of the misinformation that is being shared to and by referral sources.

One representative reported a CM at the hospital told her? “Another rep told me that starting January 1 you will no longer be taking joint patients in Medicare Certified Home Health. Is that true?” – NOT TRUE

Another representative reported, “Over 50 therapists were laid off from a Skilled Nursing Facility chain” in her territory. And she asked? “How is that going to impact patient care? And what can we do as an agency to help?” ? WE CAN HELP!

Another rep reported a client who was also being served by a Medicare PT told their client services director, “I have to get in all my PT because they said in January Medicare will no longer pay for PT in the home.” -NOT TRUE!

These are just three examples of the changes happening in our client’s lives? and they are happening in yours too.


How are you responding?


Do you know how to position your agency to help our referral sources and, most importantly, serve the patients who will be impacted by these changes?

In the workshop, we covered the basics of PDPM, PDGM, and the new COPs for Discharge Planning. Knowledge is POWER.

We have to combat misinformation with the truth!

Be the lighthouse in the swirling seas of confusion.

I seek to arm the reps I am responsible for as thought leaders in their territories, which is why we spend so much time on industry “happenings and changes.” I believe those reps to present a clear way forward for our referral sources are more trusted and gain more referrals.

This has been proven time and time again.

When your rep faces questions about how we are going to care for a patient during these changes ? this is your time to SHINE!

I believe there is a HUGE opportunity in these changes


It will change the way you market.

When you become the preferred partner, you will serve your referral sources more deeply? and impact more families, all while helping your agency grow!

If you are looking to gain tools and tactics on PDGM and growth, we have two opportunities for you

The wildly popular Growth Summit that we just did in Las Vegas was AMAZING! And so many people asked did we have a recording? Others shared they wished their partner would have come to the event too. Now it is your chance!! We are doing the best sessions from the event via Video Conference that you can experience via the comfort of your own office.

Upcoming PDGM for Marketers & Liaisons Webinar:

Join us for 90 mins of proven strategy and tactics for your marketers and liaisons to lead the charge in the field and gain the right referrals for PDGM!

During these 90 minutes you will receive:

  1. Overview of the payment changes, so your team is knowledgeable on how the specific referrals impact payments
  2. Identification of the 12 clinical groups to impact high-value patient types
  3. Referral checklist to make sure every referral brought into the agency has the right clinical information to maximize your reimbursement
  4. 4th Quarter game plan to ramp up to 2020. Maximize your pipeline to weather the cash flow crunch created by the reduction in the RAP starting January 1, 2020.

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