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Getting into the hospital is really a big deal for many of us.

Because just The fact of the sheer volume of referrals that the hospital can potentially give us.

So there is typically about four different ways that I want to share with you today on how you can break in.

One of them is, that you can build a business plan to basically go after the doctors that are caring for patients that are right around the Community that serve that hospital and typically how you can find that list is if you go directly to the hospital’s website.

They will usually provide a list of doctors, that are providing services to patients.

And so right from there, you can build your target list.

Now if you get them identified referred to you directly from the physician’s office.

And they happen to absolutely love your company, what do you think’s going to happen if they ever need services?

So you end up in the hospital and they say oh it’s time for home health – they’re going to say you know what I have this wonderful company, and I want Cheryl’s home health fast.

The second thing that you could do, besides starting to build it from the outside in, is to add to your admission packet.

A form, where they can already select your agency, meaning something in the admission packet that says if and anytime I need to have home health services or home care services.

or half the services that I would like it to be done by this provider.

This way, if you find out at any time that one of your patients ends up back in the hospital, you can just fax over that form to discharge planning and let them know that the patient has selected you ahead of time to be their provider.

Another thing that you can do is obviously follow up with the discharge planners using the High Performance Sales Academy and putting them on a weekly cadence and use the purpose of the call directly from the roadmap to referrals.

But the good news is, that if you had one of those doctors’ patients on your services and they end up in the hospital, you can also go visit the patient.

and use that as a reason to stop at the front desk and say hey can you page the discharge planner to come up and speak to me

I’d like to talk about getting them sent home and getting them back on our services.

A third thing that you can do if you’re not getting into the hospital is find somebody else that you know that is getting in and buddy up with them.

Do some joint sales calls and typically could be something like a DME company an IV infusion company if that’s a service that you don’t do, a hospice provider, if you don’t do hospice or home health provider in-home care provider, it could be a

oxygen supplier, a wound care company, somebody that you know, a sales REP that is also calling on that team.

That they already know, like and trust, if you can buddy up with them there’s a lot of power in that referral process from a Coworker or colleague.

The last way, I want to talk to you about is going directly to the home health agency’s intake department that is working directly with the hospital.

And typically I would just go in, and I would do basically qualifying sales call on intake and say hey share with me – is there a payer that you don’t accept?

Do you have difficulty getting any discipline staff in any of the areas that you service?

Maybe potentially they have an insurance that they’re not really trying to accept and you could accept it?

So building a relationship, remember, the hospital has more patients that they need to get on services than they could ever potentially care for

So good luck! Go get it done!


Dealing with a hospital-based agency can be a challenge, but often the best opportunities are found in the roads less traveled. Don’t give up!

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