This week during coaching, one of our members posed this question. It’s a question we often get in-home care marketing.

“How do you “compete” when your rates are higher than other Home Care Agencies?”

The Answer:

You don’t have a pricing problem.

You have a positioning problem.

My example to reps when they say “Oh I lost that case because we were uncut in our price” is

Tiffany’s sells a paperclip for $165. $45 more if you would like to add your initials.

For $210, you could have 1 paperclip.

Why would someone buy that?
Because Tiffany’s positions themselves well. They are a luxury brand.

Does a Tiffany’s paperclip “do” its job better than a “Staples” paperclip?

The Staples paperclip costs $.0179 per paperclip.

Would you pay $209.98 more for a Tiffany’s paperclip?

People do.

Tiffany’s has created brand value in such a way some customers are willing to pay a premium to obtain that value in a product that “does exactly the same thing” for $209.98 less.

The paperclips: They do the same thing. Hold paper.

Home Care agencies. Referral sources and potential clients see us as “all the same,” but we are not!

Your job as a marketer is to POSITION your agency with great value so that you do not have to compete on “price.”

When you lose a case on “price,” you have failed at creating value in your prospect or referral sources mind?

Here is the good news!

This is entirely within your control!

When you learn these 3 keys, the sky is the limit for you!

How to position yourself so you do not have to “compete on price.”

1. Differentiate – What makes you different? This usually falls into 3 buckets.

    • The leadership / Owner
    • The Agency
    • The Rep/ Team

On the surface this is not easy – we have several formulas inside the lessons on differentiating in our High-Performance Sales Academy, and our Achieve training programs to make it EASY for you to craft.  The key is to start thinking, ‘Why would someone choose us over another agency?” That will get you on the right track!

2. Clarity – Can you articulate what makes you different in 1 or 2 sentences – Nail it!

3. Credibility – How do you show you are credible?

    • Best of Home Care Award from Home Care Pulse
    • Nurse owned (Nursing continues to be one of the most trusted profession)
    • Years of service and experience

Use these 3 keys to position you and your agency as the Agency of Choice!

One that is HIGH VALUE!

We know you are WORTH IT!