A step by step guide to becoming a business partner to your referral sources

You have made it!

You finally have accounts that are referring to you every month! Boy, I know that was some hard work! You should be feeling really good about getting services to so many patients but I have a feeling that something still isn’t just right. You now have to worry about keeping your accounts! You just don’t know when the next best thing is going to pop into your A accounts and steal them right out from under you! Don’t you want to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you? Well, that’s why we are here to help! Put your account into a vault and throw away the key forever! If you take your account with you to the next level of relationships…. A solid commitment to be there for each other no matter what! Yes, you can experience this type of business to business partnerships without changing ownership or giving up a share of your company. We have your vault ready for you!

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From: Cheryl Peltekis and Melanie Stover

Dear Home Care, Home Health and Hospice Leaders and Salespeople,

  • Get your services to those who need your help in the home
  • Serve the frail, and elderly
  • Do your part to transform the world and leave it a better place




Authentically increase your referral conversions and grow your business FAST!

You’ll Have 24/7 Online Access to:

  1. 10 Videos that explain the step-by-step method to go beyond traditional services and become a true care partner in their business! This alone will take your business to the next level
  2. Monthly group coaching via private Masters Facebook Group
  3. Templates for Monthly, Quarterly and Annual strategic meetings with your referral sources  Discover the questions that will have your referral sources telling you EXACTLY what to do next to get access to more of their patients!
  4. Know exactly what to say to attract more patients and clients to your agency
  5. Position yourself to establish trust and connection from the 1st meeting and connect with your home health care referral sources like never before!
  6. Naturally transition to your services by crafting a compelling story designed to leave your referral source wanting more and primed to work with you
  7. Use a proven structure that allows you to be you and delivers patients or clients

Join this movement and let’s take back our relationships with our referral sources!

This POWERFUL information

Dallas, Texas

April 12-13, 2018

Lock in your spot NOW before it fills up!

Take the 3 payment option: only 3 Payments of $549

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