This week was our Home Health and Home Care Marketing Mastermind week with one of our clients.

This is a specific format we run with the teams we consult for to collaborate on growth strategies.

In 8 mins, the Agency team member gets solutions to challenges from Marketing and Operational leadership.

The closer you are to the work, the more tangible the solutions are.

This week the #1 challenge that was brought to the table: staffing


Perhaps you are in this position too.

One office reported over 25 referrals could not be filled.



How are you, as a salesperson, going to make a quota?

How are you, as an owner, going to make revenue goals?


This is the current situation with many of our clients. Their marketing is “dialed in,” and now they are struggling with staffing.

…And COVID is NOT helping this situation! Agencies are constantly dealing with staff on quarantine and others out sick.

This agency is hiring but not fast enough to “plug the hole” of staff placed on leave.

This challenge is not new to us. Recruiting and retention is a big part of our new owner’s program: Caring Agency Mastermind (CAM).

How can we improve our recruiting and retention?


The focus of this Marketing Mastermind for this agency we serve as facilitators for their marketers was “How do we help” as sales reps. How can we be part of the solution?

CCRC – LOL Not the BAND or Continuing Care Retirement Community – but it’s an excellent way to remember!

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Community: Marketers are super connected – let’s use it! Time to give them jpegs for posting, emailing, and texting out into the community where they have contacts.

Current Staff: Yes, we all have referral bonuses but have your highlighted them lately? Often our staff forgets because they are so busy picking up shifts or visits due to colleagues being out.

Referral Sources: Our referral source, some of them are looking for work. Yes, it’s true.

Just this week, one of the nurses at the hospital reported she doesn’t have enough hrs for full time because her unit is shut down waiting on COVID overflow. She is HUNGRY for work and has worked with Home Health in the past. This might be a perfect fit. Just don’t assume everyone has the hours they need or want.

College: The college “job fairs” might be on hold but not the virtual job boards and advisors are still looking to help students. It’s an excellent time to look at your “school” strategy.

Nothing is more frustrating than not having enough staff. From a marketing perspective, I just want to cry!


But your Marketers can help!

In our Caring Agency Mastermind program, we give folks all the tools and ideas they need to engage ALL staff to contribute to help them find a team.

If you want more tools and ideas to solve your staffing challenges, join us

Apply here to see if you are the right fit!

Keep Serving Seniors!


P.S. Your Marketing Team IS part of the SOLUTION for recruiting and retention – Want to discover how? Click here to apply and have a discussion.