Prior to March 2020, my agency was receiving over 185 admits a month from hospital accounts. 

Then the Corona Virus bought all hospital admissions to a halt.

The month of April my hospital admissions fell to an all-time low of 35 admits. That is close to 4/5 of this account’s referrals GONE, seemingly overnight. 

But guess what! 

My Total April Admissions only dropped by FIVE admissions!

Yes, even though the hospital and SNF with rehab referrals dried up overnight, my agency hit its monthly admission goal.

You are probably asking: How did we do that? 

Well, that is what I want to share with you. It was not hard to accomplish. I just had to switch the way I looked at the business. I had to see, where would those patients that need services to be diverted to, if they couldn’t get into the hospital right now, or should avoid a hospital admission because of comorbidities’ that made contracting the coronavirus not just possible but probable. Where could I find them, and provide them with services?

As a consultant, I was receiving questions asking for help in business development from clients that had been successfully using our High Performance Sales Process, and once again we delivered a solution.  d

Our inside sales system is here –

Some of the questions we got:

  • What happened to our referrals?
  • Why aren’t we getting referrals from facilities?
  • What should we do with our sales team?
  • Should we layoff our liaisons?
  • My facility liaisons cannot get access. What should I have them do now?

Melanie and I very quickly adopted strategies with the clients we manage and put them on an inside sales system. We also scripted Call Me Scripts, that we used to reach out to past patients. Scripts to build a referral relationship with every client on services primary care physician. Scripts to keep us top of mind for patients that may need our services. Using the inside sales process and the “Call Me” Program that we created, we had reps that not only brought in the same number of admissions prior to COVID, but now, using the inside sales system and “Call Me” Program,  they exceeded and hit their highest admit numbers in their companies history. 

This Thursday we will have a webinar that will deliver for you the necessary steps to have an incredible program to open another pipeline of referrals! 

I know that the old way of getting referrals was temporarily destroyed.  In the past most of our referrals came from the following account types listed in numerical order of highest potential for referrals to lowest:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Rehab transitional care hospitals
  3. SNF/with rehab
  4. ALF’s
  5. PCP offices.

Now, post-Covid, the PCP offices, have become the number one referral source. Too many of us have not done a great job of breaking into doctor’s offices. The problem is, how can I build a relationship with the doctor’s offices if I can’t even get in the door?  Well, do not worry that problem has been solved.


Join “The Solutionist” Cheryl Peltekis, RN for our educational webinar on June 11th, 9 am Pacific Time, 11 am Central, 12 noon eastern.