What to do this week:


You have had two short weeks – and it’s a pain when the holiday falls in the middle of the week.

Here is your prescription for handling the holidays – with precision.


  1. Ask on your weekly visits – “Are you taking off for the holidays? And Who will be handling referrals when you are out?”
  2. If you have availability – use it – while I am the queen of in-person calls – it is better to get to your referral sources then miss them completely – call your referral sources to share your availability
  3. Make sales calls – most of your competitors have already “left” for the year. They are taking off, and you need to take advantage. You will meet people whom you have not met before – get behind gatekeepers who are not there.


Its almost the new year – and its bringing REFERRALS to those representatives who are making an effort to get out there and be heard – that is you!

I am so grateful for all you do.

The after-hours and on weekends.

I see your efforts.

YOU are getting seniors the care they deserve!

I believe in you.

Thank you for being part of the Home Care Sales Community.

As we wind down 2019 – finish strong.

You inspire me to be better every day.

Thank you!


Happy New Year!