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The Inner Circle Mastermind:

  • A full year of proven authentic road-tested strategies + tools to save you time and money.
  • Small group coaching and mentorship creating friendships and competitive advantages.
  • Bi-weekly virtual meetings to connect, recharge and fuel your tank to create the best version of your agency!
  • An active community of abundance minded owners just like you
  • Designed to help you stay accountable so that you can move the needle on the most impactful tactics.
  • An exclusive application-only program a carefully curated group to serve you deeper.

We have worked with some of the best Home Health Agencies in the industry over the past 20 years and we want to bring you the insiders advantage.

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So we’ve had 10% Month over Month for the last year and we are on course to do the same this year. Now we are on a 5 million and out plan to sell it (the agency). In the process, Melanie and Cheryl have been invaluable. Their materials and their advice is timely, funny, helpful, and I pass everything on to the people that I work with. So we are so grateful and I recommend this program to anyone. It’s been amazing for us!

– Regina McNamara

Your Mastermind experience:

Home Health-Specific, Exclusive
Advising, Mentoring, and Mastermind Program

(Space limited to keep the group intimate and focused on working directly with you.)

The 2023 Inner Circle Mastermind Curriculum

  • Value Based Purchasing is here! Now what?

  • Oasis E - Best practices that make a difference in our scores

  • Economic expansion into managed care
    Survey results

  • Share Policies and Procedures to support members

  • Time management – getting things done

  • Developing a Strategic Plan

  • Outcomes

  • Finances – cost analysis

  • Recruiting and Retention

  • Strategic Business Planning for Growth

  • Top success secrets

  • Perfectionism sucks!

  • Quarterly business reviews

  • Using a CRM to manage sales teams

  • Meetings that work

  • Execution of Ideas

  • Intake Best Practices and Processes

  • Federal Register Updates

  • Metrics that matter

  • Cash flow

  • Team Building and hiring process

  • Incentive Planning for Managers and Sales Reps

  • Dealing with success guilt

Trusted By The Best

Your Partners In Success

Right now, you are tasked to do more with less. We have solutions and systems that can help you so that you can grow (without the growing pains), gain more revenue and release the pressure you feel with your business. Gain the inside advantage!

Melanie Stover has successfully helped agencies consistently achieve double digit growth for the last 17 years.

Cheryl Peltekis is a sales performance expert who has also been an owner of a multi-million dollar home health, hospice and private duty agency that had a 5 Star rating and went for over 20 years deficiency free.


Home care professionals successfully trained


average growth in revenue within first 6 months


customers work with us more than once


years of combined experience


The last two years have revolutionized our ability to manage our connections remotely. We will be leveraging technology to ensure you have access to Cheryl, Melanie, and various other experts to grow your business.

Up to Date

Having knowledge of past success is vital to guide future success. However, if you are not evolving with regulatory and society-focused changes, then your agency will become stagnant. Cheryl and Melanie work tirelessly to stay ahead of industry changes and provide insights that are working across the country.


Exponential growth does not occur in isolation. Entrepreneurs who truly seek to transform themselves and their industries do so by leveraging the creativity and experience of other entrepreneurs.

Cheryl and Melanie are so full of information. They are like walking encyclopedia for the Home Care industry."

- Nichole Marie

What It's Like To Work With Home Care Sales

Christy Glynn

"....our most seasoned sales person said that this is by far the best training he has ever had in his 20+ years"

Lisa Simmons

"....I am going to feel like a true partner when I go back out on the field"

Marylin, Sacred Heart

"....This would be a great training for my sales team in Kansas and Arizona going forward for the next year"

Stephen King

"....We are a relatively new company and these sales techniques have sparked that motivation in us to do our job better and provide the best service possible"

Brett Sheppard

"....Unlike a larger seminar, this so personal, so hands-on, and so one-on-one that I got answers to questions I encounter in my day-to-day job. So I would absolutely recommend this 10/10"

Carolyn Hess

"....If you want to be successful get a hold of somebody that is successful and that would be Home Care Sales - they put you on the right road"

It's Time To Match Your Agency Business Plan With Your Vision!

Take your agency to the next level in the Inner Circle Mastermind!

Imagine a world with no limit to the level of success you can obtain. For some, it would be luxury trips, homes, or vehicles. For others, it may be ivy league colleges for the kids or grandkids. 

No matter where you are, success is obtainable in the right environment. You'll find that environment here, in the Inner Circle MasterMind. Don't delay....

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