Looking for new referral sources? Some of your best referral sources are right under your nose!
We are all getting used to the phrase “continuum of care.” While it may have been buzzword worthy a few years back, now it?s a common reference to the varying degrees of acuity in a patient?s journey through life. The reason this continuum is vital is that it binds us with entities that once ignored us (and that -?if we are honest?- we used to ignore).

Take for instance home health care and hospice facility. At one point, they may have been seen as competition for very sick patients. We now understand that we are standing in different parts of the continuum and the same applies to private duty and home health agency. They may have a minor service overlap, but ultimately they should not be in competition as they solve different problems and provide completely different services in most respects.

Many hospice care and home health care owners know they should (in principle) partner with others in the continuum, but most fail to actually achieve a solid home health referral producing a relationship. The reason is simple. They do not truly understand each other.

In some cases, you may have a good idea what the other person has been through, but if you knew what they needed from you and found a way to provide it, don’t you think they would send you patients?

Creating a referral producing relationship requires trust, authentic exchange, and a solid reason to meet in the first place. If your caregiver gets in a fist fight with another company’s nurse…well, avoiding a lawsuit is as good of a reason as any. However, wouldn’t it be easier to just set up a meeting with them and listen?

The good news is that we have a shortcut of sorts. With our upcoming?Growth Summit, we are creating an environment where the continuum can share and grow from one another. It’s for Home Health, Hospice care, and Private Duty owners and its focus is to solve many shared problems and ?help bridge that gap in the continuum.

Contract negotiation, intake practices, recruiting and retention, and better leadership skills are all shared challenges. The attendees will leave with a solid, written action plan for each session and most likely make some life-long industry friends.

Uncovering the challenges we share as a post-acute community, and finding the solution in our care continuum, counterparts will unlock unimagined referral possibilities.

Plus you can save $100-$200 on your access to our game-changing event and have the tools necessary to be successful in 2019. Join us at the Growth Summit?on Oct 3-5 in Las Vegas. Secure your spot now.