Are you looking to launch your results? Not just start a long process of success, but actually jumpstarting your results. If that is you, then below I will tell you exactly what you need to do in just two steps to get results and get them fast.

Set Goals and Not Limits

Set Goals and not limits. Obstacles will come your way, but there?s no need to anticipate them. Focus instead on setting small business growth goals that you know you can accomplish! Make a decision to chase your goal by taking actionable steps to getting new business in the door. What steps could you take?

Here is where I would start:

? Call past patients
? Complete Sales Calls to referral sources and personally thank them for past referrals
? Complete 10 Qualifying Sales calls to brand new accounts as quickly as possible
? Visit any current patients that are in an in-patient facility
? Visit referral sources with a 6-month snapshot of their referral pattern
? Take 3 ?A? accounts out to breakfast and survey them on how your organization is doing at providing services to their patients

Focus on setting goals and then tackle any challenge only when it comes up. Don?t waste precious time contemplating what could go wrong, just go grab life by the horns and go for it!

Reward Yourself

Now, what will be your reward for completing your task? You need to have some positive reinforcement for doing something to grow your company so that it increases your behavior. This will help increase the likelihood that you?ll repeat this behavior and it?s how new habits are made.

Choose a reward to keep you motivated to keep working on business development tasks. However, there is a warning about reward. Rewards can decrease those desired behaviors, when we become less motivated by the same rewards over time. Have you ever been acknowledged by your boss for killing a presentation? Felt pretty good, right? If your boss sings your glory for every email you write, every meeting you attend, every hour you spend working overtime… his/her praise no longer means anything. It?s no longer rewarding. That?s what we?re talking about. So don?t rely on rewards too much to change of your habits. Just put some rewards in place for hitting your goals.

Rewards come in many shapes. Rewards can be things, showing yourself a little love, doing something social, or investing in your health. Rewards can also come in many sizes. They can be big, small, costly, free, celebrate small wins or milestone goals? you get the point.

Here are some examples of rewards:

? Clothes
? Book or Audiobook
? Music Subscription
? App Subscription for Meditation
? Bubble Bath
? Nap
? Massage
? Movie Tickets
? Dinner out at new restaurant
? Reusable water bottle
? Cooking Classes

Now is the time to set your goals and choose your rewards. Action is the goal and I hope that this little motivational blog post helps you set yourself or your sales team into action!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales