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I remember back in Middle School, I had to read the book “The Death of a Salesman” and at the time I thought the book was just total crap. But recently, as I cleaned my office, I came across the book and looked through it with different eyes. 

This time, I found one hidden gem inside. In fact, it is such a gem that I can’t believe I previously hadn’t identified it as a key skill or competency that each sales representative must develop before going out in the field to sell our much needed in-home care services. 

I have encountered thousands of patient care liaisons that have the same problem as the main character in the book. Today, I want to share that gem with you.  (Continue to Blog Post to learn about the hidden gem)

Hidden Gem

Use fewer words! That’s it folks! Speak less ask more! If the account that you are visiting is doing more of the talking (at least over 70% of the sales call) then you, my friend, may be doing a great job!

Now I know you have so much to say. Let’s face it. Salespeople talk too much. When salespeople talk too much, they generate too few referrals. So why do those of us trying to grow our numbers constantly find ourselves in this position? Perhaps because we do not understand why we talk too much.

Our prospective accounts NEED to know so much about your company’s services. 

    • Service Area
    • Insurances you accept
    • Caregiver packages
    • How to refer
    • Who to refer
    • Star rating
    • Why they should refer to your company

But, here is the truth: “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. 

Research suggests, that in order for someone to feel that you care about them or their patients that they could refer to you, is that they feel heard and understood. In order for someone to refer to you, they need to feel that you heard them and understood their patients’ needs. The only way to do that is by listening. To hear what they have to say, you have to ask them open-ended questions.

What questions are you going to ask them?

If you struggle with this, you need to get the Road Map to Referrals! Each month Melanie and I will role play with you the correct way to ask questions and demonstrate listening to make them feel understood.

Competency Evaluation Is A Must. 

The only way to ensure that a representative is helping you grow and not stopping you from growing is with ROLE PLAY!

According to an article by the Rain Group, reps report the following reasons for why they talk so much:

    • I get nervous, so I talk: If this is the case, explore why you are nervous. Are you uncomfortable starting new conversations? Are you uncomfortable talking to senior-level managers? Do you not know your products and services very well and the value they provide?  Maybe you need to go back and watch your orientation training program from Home Care Sales once again?
    • I have no plan or objective: There is a saying in sales, “if you don’t have a plan, stay in the car.” When you enter a sales conversation and you are not sure where you want to go or what you want to accomplish, the conversation meanders every which way and ends with neither clarity of purpose nor asking for the business in a productive way. 
    • I easily get distracted: Much related to the previous point, if you don’t have a plan, you can’t be sure what you are trying to communicate. Thus, any new topic that gets introduced in the sales conversation can lead you on time-consuming and fruitless paths.


    • I don’t talk too much, I am lively: You may have a dynamic, effervescent personality that springs forth in every conversation. That’s fine. You don’t have to hide your personality; just learn to share it in easy to swallow doses. Your prospects will appreciate your liveliness even more.

There is good news.

You see… as a fellow business owner, I need results. It is expensive to have sales representatives working for us. We need to make sure that they are making valuable sales calls each week. We have the solution for you and an easy way to evaluate your situation.

Just go to the following link and choose a time for a meeting with Mike Masciocco, where you can discuss the issues you are facing and he can help steer you towards a solution that best fits your needs.

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Remember, speak less, learn more. 


Keep Serving Seniors!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”