I Hate Marketing

This week an owner called, and this is what he said to me:

“Melanie, I heard you were managing sales reps again. Is this like the last time you did this for us back in 2017? You know, the time you helped me with my marketer. Well, she left, and I hired a new one. 

I hated Marketing then, and I still hate it. So, what are you doing now that different?” 

Good Question!

With a mindset like that, this owner knows himself, and he should absolutely not manage his marketer!

He is not shy about his opinion, and you know he says things in the office that will influence his office staff on how they “feel” about their marketer! And “Marketing” is a “team” sport we need everyone to be on the same page!

How is our upgraded HCS Sales Management program different than the last time he hired us back in 2017?


#1. We have evolved the sales process to reflect today’s environment. If you have listened to us in the past – it’s just that: history. Today’s landscape is changing so quickly you have to move with it to be seen and heard by your referral sources. Are you taking advantage of all of the avenues to access your referral sources? Would you like to have access to top email templates? Voicemail scripts AND in-person methods that are getting results today in 2021? YES! I want in!

#2. The power of the collective.  What we know is peer interaction and learning are crucial to rep success!  We have proven some of the best ideas are sparked when one rep hears another rep share their success tactics and how they got their last referral from a “tough account.” That momentum keeps reps motivated and supported (We have spent countless hours and money learning how to use group dynamics positively!)

#3. Accountability. Yes, that was part of the old program, but the new program uses a specific sales platform to help leverage technology for reporting and marketing support! For example, using technology to provide the structure, custom handouts, and access to the RoadMap of Referrals – WAIT A MINUTE did you say Roadmap to Referrals is included in the management of my sales rep? YES! I AM IN!

#4. Experience+.  In the past, you either got Cheryl or me for a coach. In the NEW HCS Sales Management program, you get access to both of us in live Q and A-PLUS guest experts to share areas of expertise that you can only get from them! YES! I WANT THAT TOO!

#5.  Saving you TIME and MONEY! Like this owner who is not a fan of marketing (I could write a complete manual on why falling in LOVE with marketing is KEY to embracing your business – that is another topic for another day!) We will not only save him TIME and MONEY but help him MAKE MONEY TOO!  Through GROWTH! Giving him the FREEDOM to not have to worry about marketing or his marketer – IT IS DONE FOR HIM!

Curious how HCS Sales Management might be a good fit for you? Click on the link to find a time that works best for you on Mikes’s calendar.


Together We Grow!



P.S.  This owner also has staffing issues (don’t we all!); the 1st thing we are tackling how to “Market” when you don’t have staff!